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Nome #
Insight into the proximate composition and microbial diversity of edible insects marketed in the European Union 127
Composizione della drupa di olivo, alcune fasi del processo di trasformazione e qualità degli oli vergini 125
Yeast and mould dynamics in Caciofiore della Sibilla cheese coagulated with an aqueous extract of Carlina acanthifolia All. 121
Impact of thistle rennet from Carlina acanthifolia All. subsp. acanthifolia on bacterial diversity and dynamics of a specialty Italian raw ewes' milk cheese 110
Effect of inoculated azotobacteria and Phanerochaete chrysosporium on the composting of olive pomace: Microbial community dynamics and phenols evolution 106
Simultaneous quantitation of nicotinamide riboside, nicotinamide mononucleotide and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in milk by a novel enzyme-coupled assay 102
Study of the fungal dynamics of a raw ewe's milk Pecorino cheese traditionally produced in a foothills area of the Marche region (Central Italy) 99
Bread enriched with cricket powder (Acheta domesticus): A technological, microbiological and nutritional evaluation 98
Valorization of Foods: From Tradition to Innovation 97
Fresh refrigerated Tuber melanosporum truffle: effect of the storage conditions on the antioxidant profile, antioxidant activity and volatile profile 96
Protein fortification with mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L.) powder: effect on textural, microbiological, nutritional and sensory features of bread 90
Exploitation of sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum L.) for manufacturing of novel high-value fermented preserves 89
Crude palm oil from interspecific hybrid Elaeis oleifera×Elaeis guineensis: Fatty acid regiodistribution and molecular species of glycerides 86
Occurrence of biogenic amines in beers produced with malted organic Emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccum) 85
Volatile constituents and oxidative stability of virgin olive oils: influence of the kneading of olive-paste 84
Cricket Powder-Based Bread: A Real Opportunity for Dietary High Quality Nutrients Intake? 78
Differenze nel profilo acidico tra varietà di frumento antiche e moderne 77
Addition of olive pomace to feeding substrate affects growth performance and nutritional value of mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L.) larvae 77
Lesser mealworm (Alphitobius diaperinus) powder as a novel baking ingredient for manufacturing high-protein, mineral-dense snacks 76
Brewing quality of hop varieties cultivated in central Italy based on multivolatile fingerprinting and bitter acid content 75
Structure-composition relationships of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena close to Jamming Transition (Part II): Threshold Control Parameters 75
A Study on the Lipidic Fraction Extracted from High Oleic Sunflower Seeds (Helianthus annuus L.) during the Ripening Process 74
Fatty acids composition of plasma phospholipids and triglycerides in children with cystic fibrosis. The effect of dietary supplementation with an olive and soybean oils mixture. 74
Electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry analysis of triacylglycerols molecular species in camel milk (Camelus dromedarius) 74
Microbial communities and volatile profile of Queijo de Azeitão PDO cheese, a traditional Mediterranean thistle-curdled cheese from Portugal 73
Distribuzione posizionale degli acidi grassi di interesse nutrizionale (polinsaturi n-3, isomeri trans, isomeri coniugati dell’acido linoleico) nei trigliceridi del latte di ovini alimentati con mangimi arricchiti di acidi grassi polinsaturi 72
Clotting properties of onopordum tauricum (willd.) aqueous extract in milk of different species 72
Influence of deep-fat frying process on phospholipid molecular species composition of Sardina pilchardus fillet 72
Antifungal activity of essential oils on yeast isolates from filling creams [Attività anti fungina di oli essenziali su isolati di lievito da creme di farcitura] 71
Authentication of coffee blends 71
High resolution mass approach to characterize refrigerated black truffles stored under different storage atmospheres 70
A comparative study of triacylglycerols molecular species composition in equine and human milks 70
Tree-to-tree variability in fruits and kernels of a Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del. population grown in Sudan 69
Selection of cereal-sourced lactic acid bacteria as candidate starters for the baking industry 69
Crude palm oil from interspecific hybrid Elaeis oleifera × E. guineensis: Alcoholic constituents of unsaponifiable matter 68
Comparison between fatty acid profiles of old and modern varieties of T. turgidum and T. aestivum : A case study in central Italy 67
Il controllo analitico degli oli e grassi alimentari 66
Current knowledge on interspecific hybrid palm oils as food and food ingredient 66
Bioactive Fish Fatty Acids: Health Effects and Their Use as Functional Food Ingredients 65
Studio della resistenza all’ossidazione forzata degli oli extravergini mediante Rancimat TesT 65
Discovering microbiota and volatile compounds of surströmming, the traditional Swedish sour herring 65
Survey on the willingness to consume insect-based foods [Indagine sulla propensione al consumo di alimenti a base di insetti edibili] 64
Use of Tenebrio molitor (L.) larvae for bio-recovering of olive oil industry solid wastes 64
Is there any still undisclosed biodiversity in Ciauscolo salami? A new glance into the microbiota of an artisan production as revealed by high-throughput sequencing 63
Stereospecific analysis of triacylglycerols in camel (Camelus dromedarius) milk fat 59
Crithmum maritimum L.: First Results on Phenological Development and Biomass Production in Mediterranean Areas. 55
Microbiological safety and stability of novel green sauces made with sea fennel (Chritmum maritimum L.) 55
Metabolic response of organic strawberries and kiwifruit subjected to PEF assisted-osmotic dehydration 53
Effect of planting density in two thistle species used for vegetable rennet production in marginal mediterranean areas 53
L'olio e le sostanze grasse alimentari 52
Effect of dietary fish oil supplements on levels of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, trans acids and conjugated linoleic acid in ewe milk. 52
Caratteristiche organolettiche, stabilità alla conservazione e tecnologia di produzione degli oli vergini d’oliva 51
Phytonutrient concentration and unsaturation of glycerides predict optimal harvest time for Elaeis oleifera × E. guineensis palm oil hybrids 51
Effects of ethephon and methyl jasmonate on physicochemical properties of Acacia seyal var. seyal (L.) gum produced in Sudan 51
Fatty acid composition and regiodistribution in mare's milk triacylglycerols at different lactation stages 51
Microbial diversity, morpho-textural characterization, and volatilome profile of the Portuguese thistle-curdled cheese Queijo da Beira Baixa PDO 51
The herbaceous character of wines 50
The role of education and information technology for a fair and sustainable development 49
The use of information and communications technology (ICT) in food engineering: review and perspectives. 49
Trends in fatty acids positional distribution in human colostrum, transitional and mature milk 48
Determination of biogenic amines in alcoholic and non alcoholic beers by HPLC 48
Metodologie analitiche per la determinazione degli acidi grassi w-3 nei prodotti di origine animale arricchiti con acidi grassi polinsaturi. 48
Design of healthy snack based on kiwifruit 48
Discrimination among varieties of Triticum turgidum subspecies (dicoccon, turanicum and durum) based on the fatty acid profile 48
Chemical Characteristics and Nutritional Properties of Hybrid Palm Oils 47
Hypobaric Packaging Prolongs the Shelf Life of Refrigerated Black Truffles (Tuber melanosporum) 47
Identification and estimation of tocotrienols in the annatto lipidic fraction using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 46
Volatile constituents and oxidative stability of virgin olive oils: the kneading of olive-paste. Grasas y Aceites 46
Aspetti teorici nutrizionali e attualità dietetico terapeutiche: intervento mirato nella fibrosi cistica 46
Bioavailability of w3 fatty acids in meat and dairy products: The Regione Marche project [Trasferimento degli acidi grassi w3 nelle carni e nei prodotti lattiero-caseari: progetto Regione Marche] 46
Effects of free fatty acids on oxidative stability of vegetable oil 45
Composizione chimica e parametri di qualità degli oli estratti da olive snocciolate. 45
Acidi grassi dei fosfolipidi del siero nella fibrosi cistica di pazienti trattati con differenti lipidi alimentari 45
Acidi grassi di particolare interesse nutrizionale (omega3, trans e CLA) nel latte di ovini 45
Consumer preferences and willingness to pay of organic sparkling mock wines: results from a two-step study. 45
HPLC-ESI-MS-MS Analysis of Phospholipid Molecular Species in Eggs from Hens Fed with Diets Enriched in Seal Blubber Oil 44
Acidi grassi negli alimenti: aspetti analitici, tecnologici e funzionali 44
Deteminazione del glicerolo nei vini mediante gas-cromatografia con colonne capillari 44
Effect of Breed on Fatty Acid Composition of Meat and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue of Light Lambs 44
Effect of information on consumer preferences and willingness-to-pay for sparkling mock wines 43
Produzione di alimenti di origine animale (uova, latte ovino e formaggio pecorino, latte) arricchiti con acidi grassi polinsaturi w3 42
Principi di tecnica conserviera 42
Influence of deep-fat frying process on phospholipid molecular species composition of Sardina pilchardus fillet 42
Innovative technological approach in the production of seed oils [Approccio tecnologico innovativo nella produzione degli oli di semi] 42
L’alimentazione nel primo anno di vita. Nota 2°. Studio della frazione lipidica estratta da alcuni prodotti alimentari per l’infanzia 41
Acido grassi w3 41
Aspetti nutrizionali e condizioni clinico-patologiche: attualità e possibilità terapeutiche 41
Influence of deep-fat frying process on phosphollpid molecular species composition of sardina pilchardus fillet 41
Acidi grassi di interesse nutrizionale (polinsaturi n-3, isomeri trans e isomeri coniugati dell'acido linoleico) nel latte di bovine alimentate con mangimi arricchiti di acidi grassi polinsaturi 39
Breadmaking potential of wheat flour enriched with meaworms (Tenebrio molitor L.) started with sourdough and baker’s yeast 38
Apporto lipidico in età pediatrica. Aspetti attuali e corretti. 37
Consumer preferences and willingness to pay for organic sparkling mock wines 37
Principali interazioni fra la tecnologia e la qualità degli oli d’oliva vergini 36
Studio dei lipidi estratti dall’acino d’uva durante il periodo di maturazione. Nota I. I lipidi estratti dai vinaccioli di uve Trebbiano e Sangiovese 35
Technologies of qualitative extra-virgin Olive Oils 35
Composizione degli acidi grassi in pesci e molluschi edibili del mare Adriatico 34
Resveratrol Content in Some Tuscan Wines 33
The role of eggs in the diet: nutraceutical and epigenetic aspects [Il ruolo delle uova nella dieta : aspetti nutraceutici ed epigenetici] 33
Oli estratti da olive denocciolate: composizione chimica e parametri di qualità 33
Caratterizzazione della frazione lipidica del latte di dromedario (Camelus dromedarius) 33
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