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NA - Nord America 9.501
EU - Europa 5.787
AS - Asia 781
SA - Sud America 16
AF - Africa 11
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 9
OC - Oceania 6
Totale 16.111
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 9.357
IT - Italia 1.729
UA - Ucraina 821
IE - Irlanda 704
SE - Svezia 506
FR - Francia 443
DE - Germania 390
PL - Polonia 372
DK - Danimarca 291
TR - Turchia 248
SG - Singapore 187
FI - Finlandia 168
GB - Regno Unito 157
KR - Corea 145
CA - Canada 139
BE - Belgio 134
CN - Cina 93
IN - India 46
JP - Giappone 24
AT - Austria 19
NL - Olanda 18
BR - Brasile 9
EU - Europa 9
HK - Hong Kong 7
IL - Israele 7
PE - Perù 7
RO - Romania 7
ES - Italia 6
MX - Messico 5
HR - Croazia 4
ID - Indonesia 4
PH - Filippine 4
SK - Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca) 4
VN - Vietnam 4
AU - Australia 3
HU - Ungheria 3
MY - Malesia 3
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
AL - Albania 2
CI - Costa d'Avorio 2
GH - Ghana 2
MA - Marocco 2
PK - Pakistan 2
BD - Bangladesh 1
CH - Svizzera 1
DZ - Algeria 1
EG - Egitto 1
GR - Grecia 1
IR - Iran 1
KE - Kenya 1
KH - Cambogia 1
LB - Libano 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
LV - Lettonia 1
MK - Macedonia 1
NP - Nepal 1
SI - Slovenia 1
TN - Tunisia 1
TW - Taiwan 1
UZ - Uzbekistan 1
ZW - Zimbabwe 1
Totale 16.111
Città #
Chandler 1.319
Jacksonville 877
Fairfield 761
Des Moines 751
Dublin 667
Ashburn 558
Wilmington 376
Kraków 364
Woodbridge 327
New York 326
Menlo Park 325
Houston 316
Boardman 289
Seattle 289
Cambridge 253
Ann Arbor 224
Marche 215
Lawrence 209
Princeton 209
San Mateo 197
Redmond 196
Centro 132
Brussels 124
Ottawa 123
Milan 116
Turin 94
San Diego 74
Boydton 73
Beijing 56
Washington 46
Ancona 44
London 35
Falls Church 32
Pune 31
Rome 31
Helsinki 30
Norwalk 25
Strasbourg 24
Sassari 22
Bologna 20
Ascoli Piceno 18
Naples 16
Palermo 15
Tolentino 15
Castelfidardo 14
Lariano 12
Redwood City 12
Rimini 12
Coimbatore 11
Izmir 11
New Bedfont 11
Pavia 11
Avellino 10
Filottrano 10
Kagoya 10
Kilburn 10
Osimo 10
Padova 10
Iesi 9
Parma 9
Florence 8
Istanbul 8
Jesi 8
Toronto 8
Vittuone 8
Acton 7
Bari 7
Cagliari 7
Caserta 7
Casoria 7
Hanover 7
Hounslow 7
Porto San Giorgio 7
Recanati 7
Shenzhen 7
Véry 7
Cattolica 6
Chiaravalle 6
Fano 6
Monfalcone 6
Pesaro 6
Squinzano 6
Vienna 6
Beaverton 5
Catania 5
Chiswick 5
Edinburgh 5
Jerusalem 5
Lanciano 5
Meppel 5
Nanjing 5
Rovigo 5
San Giorgio A Cremano 5
Shanghai 5
Sicily 5
Soliera 5
Tavullia 5
Torino 5
Urbino 5
Valmontone 5
Totale 10.660
Nome #
Microbiological characterization of Gioddu, an Italian fermented milk 453
The Microbial Diversity of Non-Korean Kimchi as Revealed by Viable Counting and Metataxonomic Sequencing 174
Gioddu: dalla tradizione italiana un latte fermentato con proprietà funzionali simili al kefir? [Gioddu: from the Italian tradition, a functional kefir-like fermented milk?] 171
Softness of Panettone: the results of an applied study [Sofficità del Panettone: i risultati di una ricerca applicata] 159
DNA and Fluorescein tracer tests to study the recharge, groundwater flowpath and hydraulic contact of aquifers in the Umbria-Marche limestone ridge (central Apennines, Italy) 156
Anti-staling agents for baking industry [Coadiuvanti tecnologici anti-raffermAmento per l’industria dei lievitati da forno] 141
Insight into the proximate composition and microbial diversity of edible insects marketed in the European Union 140
The microbiota of marketed processed edible insects as revealed by high-throughput sequencing 139
Yeast and mould dynamics in Caciofiore della Sibilla cheese coagulated with an aqueous extract of Carlina acanthifolia All. 135
The bacterial biota of laboratory-reared edible mealworms (Tenebrio molitor L.): from feed to frass 132
The biological potential of kefir: preliminary studies of the microbiota of italian kefir grains [Il potenziale biologico del kefir: studi preliminari del microbiota di grani di kefir italiani] 129
Getting insight into the prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in specimens of marketed edible insects 126
Impact of thistle rennet from Carlina acanthifolia All. subsp. acanthifolia on bacterial diversity and dynamics of a specialty Italian raw ewes' milk cheese 123
Revealing the microbiota of marketed edible insects through PCR-DGGE, metagenomic sequencing and real-time PCR 123
Current knowledge on the microbiota of edible insects intended for human consumption: A state-of-the-art review 123
The occurrence of beer spoilage lactic acid bacteria in craft beer production 122
The potential of edible insects: microbiological features [Il potenziale degli insetti edibili: aspetti microbiologici] 122
Barley flour exploitation in sourdough bread-making: a technological, nutritional and sensory evaluation. 121
Microbial Diversity of Type I Sourdoughs Prepared and Back-Slopped with Wholemeal and Refined Soft (Triticum aestivum) Wheat Flours 120
Spore-forming bacteria in insect-based foods 119
Isatis tinctoria L.: biomass production and indigo dye yield as influenced by mineral or organic nitrogen fertilization. 117
Effect of inoculated azotobacteria and Phanerochaete chrysosporium on the composting of olive pomace: Microbial community dynamics and phenols evolution 116
Study of the fungal dynamics of a raw ewe's milk Pecorino cheese traditionally produced in a foothills area of the Marche region (Central Italy) 115
Exploitation of sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum L.) for manufacturing of novel high-value fermented preserves 115
Bacteria and yeast microbiota in milk kefir grains from different Italian regions 114
Microbial dynamics in rearing trials of Hermetia illucens larvae fed coffee silverskin and microalgae 113
Valorization of Foods: From Tradition to Innovation 112
The first outstanding 50 years of “Università Politecnica delle Marche”: Research achievements in life sciences 112
Bread enriched with cricket powder (Acheta domesticus): A technological, microbiological and nutritional evaluation 111
Preface 109
Direct detection of antibiotic resistance genes in specimens of chicken and pork meat 107
Distribution of transferable antibiotic resistance genes in laboratory-reared edible mealworms (Tenebrio molitor L.) 106
An eight-year report on the implementation of HACCP in a University canteen: Impact on the microbiological quality of meals 106
A DNA tracer used in column tests for hydrogeology applications 104
Protein fortification with mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L.) powder: effect on textural, microbiological, nutritional and sensory features of bread 102
Unpasteurised commercial boza as a source of microbial diversity 100
Evaluation of the inhibitory activity of essential oils against spoilage yeasts and their potential application in yogurt 100
PCR-DGGE analysis of lactic acid bacteria and yeast dynamics during the production processes of three varieties of Panettone 98
Una anagrafe per i probiotici? Evoluzione delle tecniche di identificazione e tipizzazione. 97
Transferable antibiotic resistances in marketed edible grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria migratorioides) 97
Fate of Escherichia coli artificially inoculated in Tenebrio molitor L. larvae rearing chain for human consumption 97
Anti-staling agents for bakery industry [Coadiuvanti tecnologici anti-raffermamento per l'industria dei lievitati da forno]. 96
Addition of olive pomace to feeding substrate affects growth performance and nutritional value of mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L.) larvae 96
Selezione di starter per la produzione di nuove conserve fermentate a base di finocchio marino (Crithmum marititimum L.) 96
Bacterial and fungal communities of Gioddu as revealed by PCR-DGGE analysis 96
Effects of water absorption and surface roughness on the bioreceptivity of ETICS compared to clay bricks 94
Unveiling hákarl: a study of the microbiota of the traditional Icelandic fermented fish 94
Occurrence of Listeria monocytogenes in salami manufactured in the Marche Region (central Italy). 93
Occurrence of transferable antibiotic resistances in commercialized ready-to-eat mealworms (Tenebrio molitor L.) 93
Erythromycin-resistant lactic acid bacteria in the healthy gut of vegans, ovo-lacto vegetarians and omnivores 92
Lesser mealworm (Alphitobius diaperinus) powder as a novel baking ingredient for manufacturing high-protein, mineral-dense snacks 91
Clotting properties of onopordum tauricum (willd.) aqueous extract in milk of different species 91
Study of kefir drinks produced by backslopping method using kefir grains from Bosnia and Herzegovina: microbial dynamics and volatilome profile 90
Occurrence of antibiotic resistance genes in the fecal DNA of healthy omnivores, ovo-lacto vegetarians and vegans 89
Cricket Powder-Based Bread: A Real Opportunity for Dietary High Quality Nutrients Intake? 89
A glimpse into the microbiota of marketed ready-to-eat crickets (Acheta domesticus) 89
Bacillus cereus foodborne outbreaks in mass catering 88
Microbial communities and volatile profile of Queijo de Azeitão PDO cheese, a traditional Mediterranean thistle-curdled cheese from Portugal 88
Real-time PCR detection and quantification of selected transferable antibiotic resistance genes in fresh edible insects from Belgium and the Netherlands 87
Is there any still undisclosed biodiversity in Ciauscolo salami? A new glance into the microbiota of an artisan production as revealed by high-throughput sequencing 86
Batteri Azotofissatori liberi e simbionti. 85
The occurrence of spoilage yeasts in cream-filled bakery products 85
Indoor air quality in mass catering plants: Occurrence of airborne eumycetes in a university canteen 85
Hydraulic contacts identification in the aquifers of limestone ridges: tracer tests in the Montelago pilot area (Central Apennines) 85
Impiego di tecniche molecolari per l’identificazione e biotipizzazione di popolazioni microbiche da produzioni casearie artigianali 84
PCR-DGGE for the profiling of cheese bacterial communities: strengths and weaknesses of a poorly explored combined approach 84
Study of the bacterial diversity of foods: PCR-DGGE versus LH-PCR 84
Profiling white wine seed vinegar bacterial diversity through viable counting, metagenomic sequencing and PCR-DGGE 84
Prevalence of histidine decarboxylase genes of Gram-positive bacteria in surströmming as revealed by qPCR 84
Portuguese cacholeira blood sausage: a first taste of its microbiota and volatile organic compounds 83
The microbiota of fresh mealworms as revealed by PCR-DGGE 83
Investigation of the microbial ecology of Ciauscolo, a traditional Italian salami, by culture – dependent techniques and PCR-DGGE. 82
Amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis for the characterization of Azotobacteraceae: a contribution to the study of these free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria 82
Evaluation of inhibitory effect of TiO2 nanocoatings against microalgal growth on clay brick façades under weak UV exposure conditions 82
Insight into the bacterial diversity of fermentation woad dye vats as revealed by PCR-DGGE and pyrosequencing 82
Antifungal activity of essential oils on yeast isolates from filling creams [Attività anti fungina di oli essenziali su isolati di lievito da creme di farcitura] 82
Exploitation of Tenebrio molitor larvae as biological factories for human probiotics, an exploratory study 82
Selection of cereal-sourced lactic acid bacteria as candidate starters for the baking industry 81
Discovering microbiota and volatile compounds of surströmming, the traditional Swedish sour herring 80
Flow parameters in porous alluvial aquifers evaluated by multiple tracers 79
Development of molecular tools for the identification of free nitrogen-fixing bacteria (FNFB): a contribution to the disclosure of soil microbial bio-diversity 78
Autochthonous lactic acid bacteria in the production of mozzarella cheese. 78
Bioluminescence ATP monitoring for the routine assessment of food contact surface cleanliness in a University canteen 78
Selection of starter cultures for manufacturing of new fermented preserves with sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum L.) [Selezione di starter per la produzione di nuove conserve fermentate a base di fifinocchio marino (Crithmum marititimum L.)] 77
Microbial dynamics of model Fabriano-like fermented sausages as affected by starter cultures, nitrates and nitrites 77
A PCR ARDRA method based on differences in the 16S rRNA gene sequence for identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria 76
Tracciabilità dei formaggi artigianali da latte crudo della regione Marche: un approccio preliminare. 76
Bacterial dynamics in a raw cow's milk Caciotta cheese manufactured with aqueous extract of Cynara cardunculus dried flowers. 76
Studio preliminare sulla caratterizzazione del Ciauscolo 75
Microbial dynamics in the Ciauscolo salami during ripening [ Evoluzione delle comunità microbiche nel corso della maturazione del Ciauscolo] 75
Investigation of the dominant microbiota in ready-to-eat grasshoppers and mealworms and quantification of carbapenem resistance genes by qPCR 75
Hermetia illucens in diets for zebrafish (Danio rerio): A study of bacterial diversity by using PCR-DGGE andmetagenomic sequencing 75
Quantitative assessment of transferable antibiotic resistance in zebrafish (Danio rerio) fed Hermetia illucens-based feed 75
Polyphasic characterization of indigenous lactobacilli and lactococci from PDO Canestrato Pugliese cheese 74
Quality evaluation and discrimination of semi-hard and hard cheeses from the Marche region (Central Italy) using chemometric tools 73
Multidrug-resistant enterococci in animal meat and faeces and co-transfer from an Enterococcus durans to a human Enterococcus faecium 72
Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Hermetia illucens Larvae Fed Coffee Silverskin Enriched with Schizochytrium limacinum or Isochrysis galbana Microalgae 72
Integrated biological approaches for olive mill wastewater treatment and agricultural exploitation 72
Biochemical traits of Ciauscolo, a spreadable typical Italian dry-cured sausage 70
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