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Scafati 3
Southampton 3
Staranzano 3
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Campli 2
Central 2
Cesenatico 2
Chongqing 2
Como 2
Constanta 2
Den Haag 2
Eindhoven 2
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Nome #
A novel approach for features extraction in physiological signals 306
Misure di Massa Volumica Apparente di Piastrelle Ceramiche mediante Sonde ad Ultrasuoni senza contatto 153
A Smart Sensing Architecture for Domestic Monitoring: Methodological Approach and Experimental Validation 134
Experimental study on occupants interaction with windows and lights in Mediterranean offices during the non-heating season 115
Investigation on window opening and closing behavior in schools through measurements and surveys: A case study in Budapest 107
Measurement of activities of daily living: A simulation tool for the optimisation of a passive infrared sensor network in a smart home environment 105
null 94
Train wheel diagnostics by laser ultrasonics 93
The First Outstanding 50 Years of “Università Politecnica delle Marche”: Research achievements in Physical Sciences and Engineering 93
Implementation of an 'at-home' e-Health system using heterogeneous devices 89
Caratterizzazione del comportamento di un vibrometro “in-plane” al variare delle condizioni operative 88
Impianto e procedimento per la selezione del corretto materasso per ogni specifico utente. 87
An IoT Solution for Energy Management at Building and District Level 87
Ultrasonic Inspection of Thick Sandwich Composite Elements for Transport Infrastructures 84
An Innovative Low Cost IR System For Real-Time Measurement of Human Thermal Comfort 83
Vibrational analysis of tendons mechanical properties. Lasers Med Sci 17(4)A16-17,2002. 83
Dynamic characterization of teeth by laser vibrometry 83
Non-Contact Measurements of the Apparent Density of Green Ceramics with Complex Shape 82
Experimental investigation by laser ultrasonics for high speed train axle diagnostics 81
A discrete-continuous approach to describe CaCO3 decarbonation in non-steady thermal conditions 80
On Line Density Measurement on Green Ceramic Tiles: Uncertainty Analysis 79
Applicazione della shearografia per il controllo dell’incollaggio di superfici in materiale composito o metallico con rivestimenti elastici multistrato ad alto potere isolante elettrico, termico ed acustico 79
Measurement of stress-strain and vibrational proprieties of tendons 78
2D-Coherent acoustic intensity measurements for source identification in aircraft cabins 77
Sviluppo ed Applicazione di Tecniche Diagnostiche per il Rilevamento di Difetti su Materiali Compositi mediante Sonde ad Ultrasuoni senza Contatto 76
Delamination detection by Multi-Level Wavelet Processing of Continuous Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry data 73
Smart monitoring of user and home environment: the Health@Home acquisition framework 73
A comprehensive human comfort assessment protocol based on multidomain measurements and surveys 72
Automated Modal Analysis by Scanning Laser Vibrometry: Problems and Uncertainties associated with the Scanning System Calibration 71
Preface 71
Integration of real-time metabolic rate measurement in a low-cost tool for the thermal comfort monitoring in AAL environments 70
Smart cities and communities in the marche region 70
Laser Doppler Vibrometry: a Review of Advances and Applications 68
Measurement of vibrational modal parameters using laser pulse excitation techniques 68
On-Line Measurement of Green Tiles Apparent Density: Industrial Implementation and Test of an Ultrasonic-based System 68
Experimental testing of a system for the energy-efficient sub-zonal heating management in indoor environments based on PMV 68
Sensors and control solutions for Smart-IoT façade modules 68
Methodologies for continuous activity classification of user through wearable devices: Feasibility and preliminary investigation 68
Vibration reduction using biologically inspired topology optimization method: optimal stiffeners distribution on an acoustically excited plate 67
Measuring Occupants’ Behaviour for Buildings’ Dynamic Cosimulation 67
Sensing physiological and environmental quantities to measure human thermal comfort through Machine Learning techniques 67
Determinazione della Potenza Sonora attraverso Misure di Vibrazione con Tecnica Laser-Doppler 66
A tool for the optimal sensor placement to optimize temperature monitoring in large sports spaces 66
Health@Home: Pilot cases and preliminary results: Residential sensor network to promote the active aging of real users 66
Measurement of users’ well-being through domotic sensors and machine learning algorithms 65
Automated measurement system for detecting carbonation depth: Image-processing based technique applied to concrete sprayed with phenolphthalein 65
2D-Coherent Acoustic Intensity Estimation from Operational Scanning Laser Vibrometry Measurements for Sources Identification in Reverberant Fields 64
Laser Doppler Vibrometry for the Characterisation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Structures Excited by Piezoelectric Exciters 63
A Sub-Zonal PMV-Based HVAC and Façade Control System for Curtain Wall Buildings 63
Gasification Char and Used Foundry Sand as Alternative Fillers to Graphene Nanoplatelets for Electrically Conductive Mortars with and without Virgin/Recycled Carbon Fibres 63
Non-Contact – Non-Destructive Testing for Damage Detection of Composite Materials 62
The influence of Operating Conditions on the Accuracy of In-plane Laser Doppler Velocimetry Measurements 62
Laser Ultrasonics for Quality Control in the Ceramic Industry: Application to Bulk Density Measurement 62
Measuring Environmental Data and Physiological Parameters at Home to Assess the Caregiver Burden in Assistants of People with Dementia 62
Experimental Sensitivity Analysis for Near-Field Acoustic Holography 61
Laser Doppler Vibrometry, capitolo del libro “An Introduction to Optoelectronic Sensors 60
Validation of Near-Field Holography Results by Laser Doppler Vibrometry 60
Citizen-Oriented Technologies in the Cities of Tomorrow 60
Laser Doppler vibrometry and near-field acoustic holography: Different approaches for surface velocity distribution measurements 59
Smart monitoring of user's health at home: Performance evaluation and signal processing of a wearable sensor for the measurement of Heart Rate and Breathing Rate 59
XDEM for tuning lumped models of thermochemical processes involving materials in the powder state 59
Sound Power Estimation by Laser Doppler Measurement Techniques 58
Vibration Analysis of Tendons Mechanical Properties 58
Tracking Laser Vibrometer Measurements for Estimation of Excitation Level in Rotating Structures 58
Non-contact dynamic analysis of mechanical behaviour of tendons by optical techniques 58
An experimental technique for structural diagnostic based on laser vibrometry and neural networks 58
Continuous scanning laser Doppler vibrometry and wavelet processing for diagnostics: A time domain approach 58
A soft-sensing approach for the evaluation of the acoustic comfort due to building envelope protection against external noise 58
Development of a Methodology for the Characterisation of Air-coupled Ultrasound Probes 57
Development and experimental evaluation of a thermography measurement system for real-time monitoring of comfort and heat rate exchange in the built environment 57
Quantitative validation of an air-coupled ultrasonic probe model by Interferometric laser tomography 57
Historical plasters on light thin vaults: State of conservation assessment by a Hybrid ultrasonic method 57
Sistemi innovativi per il monitoraggio della durabilità delle infrastrutture 57
Electrical Resistivity and Electrical Impedance Measurement in Mortar and Concrete Elements: A Systematic Review 57
Laser vibrometry vibration measurements on vehicle cabins in running conditions: helicopter mock-up application 56
Dynamic characterization of turbine blades: comparison between finite element method and laser scanning vibrometer measurements results 55
Simulation of Temperature Effects on Near-field Acoustic Holography: Validation by SLDV Measurements 55
Application of Laser Doppler Vibrometry for Structural Diagnostic on Composite Panels 55
IEQ measurement and assessment tools for Plug-and-Play deep renovation in buildings 55
A new laser vibrometry-based 2D selective intensity method for source identification in reverberant fields: part II. Application to an aircraft cabin 55
Experimental investigation by Laser Ultrasonics for train wheelset flaw detection 55
Laser vibration measurements through combustive flows: application to an industrial burner in working conditions 55
Measurement and Control in Tile Production 54
Study of Human Teeth Vibration Behaviour for Diagnostic Purposes 54
Stationary Wavelet Transform for denoising Pulsed Thermography data: optimization of wavelet parameters for enhancing defects detection 54
Smart Cities e Smart Communities: i risultati di un questionario ai comuni della Regione Marche 54
Assistive sensor-based technology driven self-management for building resilience among people with early stage cognitive impairment 54
A context-aware social robot to improve the quality of life of people with dementia 54
Acoustical and LDV Velocity on Premixed Flames: Investigation of Combustion Flickering at Different Reynolds Numbers 53
Automatic Measurement of Atomised Powder Granulomtery for On-line Process Control 53
Diagnostic of Composite Materials by laser techniques: application of panels with different structures and shapes 53
Development and validation of a low-cost infrared measurement systemfor real-time monitoring of indoor thermal comfort 53
Measuring overall thermal comfort to balance energy use in sports facilities 53
Advanced ultrasonic non-destructive testing for damage detection on thick and curved composite elements for constructions 53
A discrete-continuous method for predicting thermochemical phenomena in a cement kiln and supporting indirect monitoring 53
Totale 7099
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