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Nome #
Broadband electromagnetic characterization of carbon foam to metal contact 144
Effect of graphene oxide and metallic fibers on the electromagnetic shielding effect of engineered cementitious composites 112
Over-the-air performance testing of a real 4G LTE base station in a reverberation chamber 96
A Comparison Between Different Reception Diversity Schemes of a 4G-LTE Base Station in Reverberation Chamber: A Deployment in a Live Cellular Network 93
Field-to-Enclosure Coupling in Reverberation Chamber: Numerical and Experimental Analysis 91
Helical Stirring for Enhanced Low-Frequency Performance of Reverberation Chambers 91
Wideband Matching of Waveguide Discontinuities by FDTD Methods 91
A simple implementation of PEC structures in the FDTD technique 87
Densified-Small-Particle (DSP) cement composites for electromagnetic shielding: practice and experimental analysis 87
Testing of the Carrier Aggregation Mode for a Live LTE Base Station in Reverberation Chamber 86
Analysis of the symmetric Y-junction in slotline 86
An accurate 3-D model for the brain cortex magnetic stimulation 85
Ballistic and electromagnetic shielding behaviour of multifunctional Kevlar fiber reinforced epoxy composites modified by carbon nanotubes 81
Broadband Electromagnetic Absorbers using Carbon Nanostructure-Based Composites 81
A Modified Dynamic Model for Planar Microwave Circuits 80
Numerical Simulations of Field Values, Wave Impedance, and Received Power Inside a Nonideal Reverberation Chamber 79
Effect of absorber number and positioning on the power delay profile of a reverberation chamber 79
Analysis of the Independent Positions of Reverberation Chamber Stirrers as a Function of Their Operating Conditions 78
Coupling Between Multipath Environments Through a Large Aperture 77
De-embedding correction for imperfect absorbing boundary condictions in the FDTD 76
Over-the-Air Tests of High-Speed Moving LTE Users in a Reverberation Chamber 76
A New Termination Condition for the Application of FDTD Techiniques to Discontiniuty Problems in Close Homogeneous Waveguide 75
Safety Investigation of a Magnetic Pulse Applicator for Heart Stimulation 75
Multi-sensor platform for real time measurements of honey bee hive parameters 75
Theoretical and experimental analysis of the field-to-line coupling in a reverberation chamber 75
Analysis of field probe perturbation in a mode stirred reverberation chamber 74
Millimeter wave inductive post filters: theory and results 73
Stirrer Efficiency as a Function of its Axis Orientation 73
Suscettibilità di apparati (PLC) a segnali wireless in ambienti "multipath": utilizzo delle camere riverberanti, 71
Uncorrelated frequency steps in a reverberation chamber: A multivariate approach 71
Electrically Conductive DSP Cement Composites 71
Safety aspects of a system for heart stimulation induced by a magnetic pulse 69
A modified dynamic model for planar microwave circuits 69
Advanced concrete materials for EMI reduction in protected environment and IEMI threats suppression 69
Modeling of the human exposure inside a random plane wave field 68
Carousel Stirrer Efficiency Evaluation by a Volumetric Lattice-Based Correlation Matrix 68
4G-LTE base station output power estimation from statistical counters during over-the-air tests in reverberation chamber2014 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility 68
A mechanical mode-stirred reverberation chamber inspired by chaotic cavities 67
Field Penetration Through a Wire Mesh Screen Excited by a Reverberation Chamber Field: FDTD Analysis and Experiments 66
Current Probe Characterization in a Reverberation Chamber 65
Modeling of the Reverberation Chamber Method for Determining the Shielding Properties of a Coaxial Cable 64
Accurate Analysis of Reverberation Field Penetration into an Equipment-Level Enclosure 64
A realistic model for the analysis of heart magnetic stimulation 64
Reverberation chamber as a multivariate process: FDTD evaluation of correlation matrix and independent positions 64
Effect of losses on the maximum-to-mean value in a mode-stirred reverberation chamber 64
A metrology application of reverberation chambers: the current probe calibration 62
Numerical simulation of LOS and NLOS conditions for an antenna inside a reverberation chamber 62
Performance and Immunity Evaluation of Complete WLAN Systems in a Large Reverberation Chamber 62
High performance FDTD simulations for chaotic electromagnetic environments 62
Evaluation of uncorrelation and statistics inside a reverberation chamber in presence of two independent stirrers 61
Microstrip patch applicators 61
Electromagnetic shielding performance of carbon foams 61
Evaluation of stirrer efficiency varying the volume of the reverberation chamber 61
Testing of VoLTE mean opinion score in reverberation chambers 61
Stochastic differential equation for wave diffusion in random media 60
Electromagnetic and thermal analysis of a RF oven 59
Stirrer Performance of Reverberation Chambers Evaluated by Time Domain Fidelity 59
Shielding effectiveness statistical evaluation of random concrete composites 59
Reverberation chambers a la carte: An overview of the different mode-stirring techniques 59
Modeling and Measuring of Microwave Absorbing and Shielding Nanostructured Materials 59
On the use of a reverberation chamber to test the performance and the immunity of a WLAN system 58
Numerical and experimental investigation of unstirred frequencies in reverberation chambers 58
Cement Composite Shields Analysis at Microwave Frequencies Using Reverberation Fields 58
Power Boosting and Compensation During OTA Testing of a Real 4G LTE Base Station in Reverberation Chamber 58
Immunity tests of implantable cardiac pacemaker against CW and pulsed ELF fields: experimental and numerical results 57
Design of a slot antenna for cellular phone 56
FDTD analisys of planes waves superposition to simulate absorbed power in reverberation chambers 56
Shielding effectiveness evaluation of Densified with Small Particles (DSP) cement composite 56
Realistic Modelling of Interference in Pacemakers by ELF Magnetic Fields 56
Numerical analysis of a new location for the working volume inside a reverberation chamber 56
Efficient Simulations of Field-to-PCBs Coupling Under Random Excitation 56
Finite Difference, Time Domain Analysis Convergence of Reverberation Chambers 55
FDTD solution of the Maxwell-Boltzmann system for electromagnetic wave propagation in a plasma 55
FDTD Analysis of the Field Penetration through Lossy Materials in a Reverberation Chamber 55
Reverberation Chamber Performance Varying the Position of the Stirrer Rotation Axis 55
Massive simulation and complete statistical analysis of reverberation chambers 55
Absorbing cross section in reverberation chamber: experimental and numerical results 55
Reliable Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulations of Reverberation Chambers by Using Equivalent Volumetric Losses 55
Effect of loss distribution on uncorrelated spatial points and frequency steps in reverberation chambers 55
Correlation matrix methods to assess the stirring performance of electromagnetic reverberation chambers 55
Experimental Analysis of the Aging Effects on Shielding Effectiveness of Cementitious Composites 55
Carbon based nanomaterial composites in RAM and microwave shielding applications 54
Reduction of satellite electromagnetic scattering by carbon nanostructured multilayers 54
A statistical model of the interaction between reverberation fields and lossy materials 54
Base-Case Model for Measurement Uncertainty in a Reverberation Chamber Including Frequency Stirring 54
Reverberation chambers deformed by spherical diffractors 54
Applicatori chiusi e applicatori aperti 53
Absorbed power in reverberation chambers using the {FDTD} analysis of a plane-waves superposition 53
Accurate Analysis and Design of Millimeter Wave Mixers 53
Accurate full-band equivalent circuits of inductive posts in rectangular waveguide 52
Hybrid modes, losses and substrate leakage of slotline at millimetre wave frequencies 52
Quantifying volume changing perturbations in a wave chaotic system 52
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Carousel Stirrer for Reverberation Chambers 52
FDTD analysis of plane wave superposition to simulate susceptibility tests in reverberation chambers 52
On the Estimated Measurement Uncertainty of the Insertion Loss in a Reverberation Chamber Including Frequency Stirring 52
System Throughput and Immunity Analysis of a 802.11n WLAN in a Large Reverberation Chamber 51
Electromagnetic characterization and shielding effectiveness of concrete composite reinforced with carbon nanotubes in the mobile phones frequency band 51
Latest developments on the shielding effectiveness measurements of materials and gaskets in reverberation chambers 51
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