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UA - Ucraina 260
IT - Italia 159
DE - Germania 107
SE - Svezia 91
SG - Singapore 91
GB - Regno Unito 69
BE - Belgio 32
IN - India 24
CN - Cina 13
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EU - Europa 6
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FR - Francia 1
PE - Perù 1
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Fairfield 474
Jacksonville 410
Dublin 322
Chandler 317
Ashburn 256
Woodbridge 214
Wilmington 175
Seattle 171
Houston 163
Cambridge 159
Des Moines 125
New York 120
Ann Arbor 112
Lawrence 106
Princeton 106
Turin 99
San Mateo 94
Boardman 73
San Diego 52
Brussels 32
London 29
Pune 22
Norwalk 15
Kilburn 9
Washington 9
Beijing 6
Helsinki 6
Redmond 6
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Guangzhou 4
Milan 4
Padova 4
Bologna 3
Hounslow 3
Redwood City 3
San Giovanni in Fiore 3
Wandsworth 3
Acton 2
Albano Laziale 2
Athens 2
Boydton 2
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Chiswick 2
Durham 2
Ferrara 2
Ferrara di Monte Baldo 2
Hefei 2
Islington 2
Jesi 2
Mansuè 2
Marche 2
Monmouth Junction 2
Morrovalle 2
Prescot 2
Rome 2
San Felice A Cancello 2
Boulder 1
Capua 1
Castelfidardo 1
Gallarate 1
Greenwich 1
Hanover 1
Hendon 1
Lima 1
Miami Beach 1
Naples 1
Napoli 1
New Bedfont 1
Ottawa 1
Pollenza 1
Puerto Iguazú 1
Sabaudia 1
Scafati 1
Shanghai 1
Southwark 1
Toronto 1
Torre Del Greco 1
Totale 3.773
Nome #
Evaluation of saline tracer performance during electrical conductivity groundwater monitoring 84
Evaluating SWAT model performance, considering different soils data input, to quantify actual and future runoff susceptibility in a highly urbanized basin 82
Soil conditioners effects on hydraulic properties, leaching processes and denitrification on a silty-clay soil 78
Contrasting biogeochemical processes revealed by stable isotopes of H2O, N, C and S in shallow aquifers underlying agricultural lowlands 72
A hybrid GIS and AHP approach for modelling actual and future forest fire risk under climate change accounting water resources attenuation role 71
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Efficiency verification of a horizontal flow barrier via flowmeter tests and multilevel sampling 61
Nitrogen budget of Short Rotation forests amended with digestate in highly permeable soils 61
Large tank experiment on nitrate fate and transport: the role of permeability distribution 60
Combined use of heat and saline tracer to estimate aquifer properties in a forced gradient test 57
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Assessment of the anthropogenic fluoride export in Addis Ababa urban environment (Ethiopia) 56
The importance of incorporating denitrification in the assessment of groundwater vulnerability 56
Modelling groundwater residence time in a sub-irrigated buffer zone 56
A novel hybrid method of specific vulnerability to anthropogenic pollution using multivariate statistical and regression analyses 55
Estimated Water Savings in an Agricultural Field Amended With Natural Zeolites 54
Coastal aquifer response to extreme storm events in Emilia-Romagna, Italy 54
Assessment of the intrinsic vulnerability of agricultural land to water and nitrogen losses via deterministic approach and regression analysis 54
Assessing the effect of saltwater intrusion on petroleum hydrocarbons plumes via numerical modelling 53
Fertilizers mobilization in alluvial aquifer: Laboratory experiments 53
Abnormal trace element concentrations in a shallow aquifer belonging to saline reclaimed environments, Codigoro (Italy) 52
Revisiting the Priestley-Taylor method for the assessment of reference crop evapotranspiration in Italy 52
Contribution of the subsurface drainage system in changing the nitrogen speciation of an agricultural soil located in a complex marsh environment (Ferrara, Italy) 52
Comparison of Different “S-index” Expressions to Evaluate the State of Physical Soil Properties 52
Use of shallow groundwater temperature profiles to infer climate and land use change: interpretation and measurement challenges 51
Effect of ebullition and groundwater temperature on estimated dinitrogen excess in contrasting agricultural environments 51
Multivariate statistical analysis to characterize/discriminate between anthropogenic and geogenic trace elements occurrence in the Campania Plain, Southern Italy 50
A modified SINTACS method for groundwater vulnerability and pollution risk assessment in highly anthropized regions based on NO3− and SO42− concentrations 49
Monitoring and Modelling Interactions between the Montagna dei Fiori Aquifer and the Castellano Stream (Central Apennines, Italy) 49
Deciphering interannual temperature variations in springs of the Campania region (Italy) 48
Detecting small-scale variability of trace elements in a shallow aquifer 48
Impact of Climate Change on Salinization of Coastal Water Resources 47
Assessment of the intrinsic vulnerability of agricultural land to water and nitrogen losses: Case studies in Italy and Greece 47
A stepwise approach to assess the fate of nitrogen species in agricultural lowlands 46
Batch and column experiments on nutrient leaching in soils amended with Italian natural zeolitites 46
Ammonium occurrence in a salinized lowland coastal aquifer (ferrara, italy) 46
Reactive and mixing processes governing ammonium and nitrate coexistence in a polluted coastal aquifer 44
GALDIT-SUSI a modified method to account for surface water bodies in the assessment of aquifer vulnerability to seawater intrusion 44
Short-Term Response of Soil Microbial Biomass to Different Chabazite Zeolite Amendments 44
Seismic induced variation of hydraulic conductivity distribution in a large tank 44
Reactive modeling of denitrification in soils with natural and depleted organic matter 44
Impact of climate variability on the salinization of the coastal wetland-aquifer system of the Po Delta, Italy 44
Estimating groundwater residence time and recharge patterns in a saline coastal aquifer 43
Predicting Salinization Trends in a Lowland Coastal Aquifer: Comacchio (Italy) 43
Formulation of indices to describe intrinsic nitrogen transformation rates for the implementation of best management practices in agricultural lands 43
Monitoring and modeling nitrate persistence in a shallow aquifer 43
The Importance of Data Acquisition Techniques in Saltwater Intrusion Monitoring 43
A green and fast chromatographic method for determining organic compound mobility in soils 43
Modelling the density contrast effect on a chlorinated hydrocarbon plume reaching the shore line 43
Natural and anthropogenic variations in the Po river waters (northern Italy): insights from a multi-isotope approach 42
Trace elements mobility in a saline coastal aquifer of the Po river lowland (Italy) 42
Improved gravitational grain size separation method 42
Characterization of the lowland coastal aquifer of comacchio (ferrara, italy): Hydrology, hydrochemistry and evolution of the system 42
Modelling Shallow Groundwater Evaporation Rates from a Large Tank Experiment 42
Limitations of GALDIT to map seawater intrusion vulnerability in a highly touristic coastal area 41
Misleading reconstruction of seawater intrusion via integral depth sampling 41
Soil type and microclimatic conditions as drivers of urea transformation kinetics in maize plots 41
Intense rainfalls trigger nitrite leaching in agricultural soils depleted in organic matter 40
Trend of Heavy Metal Release According to Forecasted Climate Change in the Po Delta 40
Lithological Influence and Human Impact on the Hydrochemistry of an Apennine Watershed (Southern Italy) 40
Managed aquifer recharge via infiltration ditches in short rotation afforested areas 40
Natural and NH4+-enriched zeolitite amendment effects on nitrate leaching from a reclaimed agricultural soil (Ferrara Province, Italy) 40
A special issue of Geosciences: Groundwater pollution 40
The Po river water from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea (Italy): new insights from geochemical and isotopic (δ18O-δD) data 40
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Scenario Modelling of Climate Change's Impact on Salinization of Coastal Water Resources in Reclaimed Lands 39
The role of the unsaturated zone in determining nitrate leaching to groundwater 39
Modelling present and future po river interactions with alluvial aquifers (Low Po River Plain, Italy) 39
Modelling the fate of styrene in a mixed petroleum hydrocarbon plume 39
Performance of different assessment methods to evaluate contaminant sources and fate in a coastal aquifer 39
Quantifying the impact of evapotranspiration at the aquifer scale via groundwater modelling and MODIS Data 39
Recognition of the anthropogenic contribution to the input of fluoride in urban recharge 38
High resolution short-term investigation of soil CO2, N2O, NOx and NH3 emissions after different chabazite zeolite amendments 38
Freshwater-seawater mixing experiments in sand columns 38
Limitation of using heat as a groundwater tracer to define aquifer properties: Experiment in a large tank model 38
High-resolution global grids of revised Priestley-Taylor and Hargreaves-Samani coefficients for assessing ASCE-standardized reference crop evapotranspiration and solar radiation 37
Nitrogen and sulphur cycling in the saline coastal aquifer of Ferrara, Italy. A multi-isotope approach 37
The influence of disaggregation procedures on soil gravitational separation 37
Numerical assessment of effective evapotranspiration from maize plots to estimate groundwater recharge in lowlands 37
Modelling the salinization of a coastal lagoon-aquifer system 36
Monitoring nutrients fate after digestate spreading in a short rotation buffer area 36
Reactive modelling of 1,2-DCA and DOC near the shoreline 36
Reclamation influence and background geochemistry of neutral saline soils in the Po River Delta Plain (Northern Italy) 36
Linking dissolved organic carbon, acetate and denitrification in agricultural soils 36
Surface electrical resistivity tomography and hydrogeological characterization to constrain groundwater flow modeling in an agricultural field site near Ferrara (Italy) 36
Direct measurement of dissolved dinitrogen to refine reactive modelling of denitrification in agricultural soils 35
Formation and dissolution of salt crusts as a rapid way of nitrate mobilization in a tile-drained agricultural field under a temperate climate 35
Variation of the hydraulic properties and solute transport mechanisms in a silty-clay soil amended with natural zeolites 35
Hydrogeochemical study in the Main Ethiopian Rift: New insights to the source and enrichment mechanism of fluoride 35
Preliminary assessment on flood mitigation potential via manage aquifer recharge in the Brenta Megafan (Italy) 34
Fate of arsenic, phosphate and ammonium plumes in a coastal aquifer affected by saltwater intrusion 34
Origin and pattern of salinization in the Holocene aquifer of the southern Po Delta (NE Italy) 33
Actual and forecasted vulnerability assessment to seawater intrusion via galdit-susi in the volturno river mouth (Italy) 32
In situ arsenic immobilisation for coastal aquifers using stimulated iron cycling: Lab-based viability assessment 27
Assessment of intrinsic aquifer vulnerability at continental scale through a critical application of the drastic framework: The case of South America 26
Totale 4.636
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