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Reply to “Letter to the editor of JRNC” by Matthias Rossbach, J Radioanal Nucl Chem 304:965–966, DOI 10.1007/s10967-015-3964-1” regarding our article “Atomic and isotopic changes induced by ultrasounds in iron, J Radioanal Nucl Chem (2015) 304:955–963, DOI 10.1007/s10967-014-3341-5” 211
Polyglycolic Acid–Polylactic Acid scaffold response to different progenitor cell in vitro cultures: a demonstrative and comparative X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation Phase-Contrast Microtomography study 129
Small Angle Neutron Scattering characterisation of Al2O3/Ni-P nanocomposites 90
Studies of structural modification induced by ã-irradiation in distearoyl- phosphatidyl- choline liposomes 89
Residual Stress Analysis by Neutron and X-ray Diffraction 86
SAXS study of the micro - inhomogeneity of industrial soda lime silica glass. 85
Defect analysis on optical waveguide arrays by synchrotron radiation microtomography 83
Neutron and synchrotron radiation non-destructive methods for the characterisation of materials for different applications. 78
Pruritus characteristics in a large Italian cohort of psoriatic patients 78
A simple model for dynamical neutron diffraction by deformed crystals 76
Mesomorphic proprieties and molecular structure. II. Structure of smetic A phase in the 4-propionyl-4-n-alkanyloxy-azobenzene series 76
Residual stress analysis on AA6061+22% Al2O3p simple shape demonstrators of a wheel hub 76
X-ray diffractometry and calorimetry studies of structural modifications induced by irradiation on phosphatidylcholine multilamellar liposomes 75
Neutralization of radionuclides 75
Neutron techniques in the study of materials for fusion reactors. 74
Structural studies on the localization of ubiquinone in lipid membranes by diffraction techniques in "Highlights in ubiquinone research" 74
Neutron Properties of curved monochromators 73
An efficient solver for nearshore flows based on the WAF method 73
Organization of extracellular matrix fibers within polyglycolic acid-polylactic acid scaffolds analyzed using X-ray synchrotron-radiation phase-contrast micro computed tomography. 73
X-ray study of phase transitions involving ordered biaxial phases 72
X-ray and neutron small-angle scattering. Investigation of nanophase vanadium-titanium oxide particles 71
Nuclear metamorphosis in mercury 71
Flux Pinning in Y- and Ag-Doped MgB2 69
Microstruttural investigation of 12% Cr Martensitic steel for NET by Means of Small Angle Neutron Scattering 68
Physics of matter: from the nanoscale structure to the macroscopic properties of materials 68
Comparison of curved monochromator neutron data with the prediction of a simple model 67
Effect de la divergence dans la diffusion centrale des rayons x 67
Atomic and isotopic changes induced by ultrasounds in iron 67
Evidence for the Fankuchen effect in neutron diffraction by curved crystals 66
Radiation damage studies using small-angle neutron scattering 66
Small-angle neutron scattering microstructural investigation of MANET steel 66
Experimental radioinduction of chromosomal variant in man 65
Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Determination of Residual Stresses After Extrusion Process in Metal Matrix Composites 65
Determinazione non distruttiva mediante diffrazione neutronica degli sforzi residui in componenti saldati. 64
Neutron diffraction measurement of residual stress in a centrifugal bowl of duplex steel 64
An efficient solver for nearshore flows 64
Determinazione delle tensioni residue in un tubo saldato di acciaio ferritico 2,25 Cr 1 Mo prima e dopo trattamento termico 63
Small-Angle neutron scattering studies of irradiated metallic materials 62
Investigations of the homologous series of the 4-propionyl-4'n-alkanoyloxy-azobenzenes by X-ray diffraction 62
Chemical changes induced by ultrasound in iron 62
Liquid crystalline catalysis by smectic B solvents: structure and thermodynamical properties of the reactant solution 61
Residual stresses in case hardened automotive steel gears 61
X-ray and neutron diffraction determination of residual stresses in a pressed and welded component 61
Investigation of the Homologous Series of 4-Acetyl-4′-n-Alkanoyloxyazobenzenes by X-ray Diffraction 61
Acoustohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals 60
Statistics of piezonuclear emissions: early results 60
Small-Angle Neutron Scattering study of microstructural inhomogeneities in a steel for fusion technology. 59
Dynamical neutron diffraction by curved crystals in the Laue geometry 59
Membrane fluidization by antimicotic bifonazole Physiol. Chem. & Phys. & Med. NMR 59
Characterization of the creep exposed CMSX2 single crystal by neutron diffraction topography and neutron diffractometry Czech. J. Phys 58
Two dimensional disorder as a pretransitional effect in smectic H. 58
Study of perturbations induced by a barbituric, the phenobarbital, on DSPC multilameller liposomes 58
Investigation by X-ray diffraction of the phase transitions involving the monotropic hexatic phase of a 4-propionyl-4'-nonoyloxyazobenzene 57
Effects of gamma-irradiation on the liposomal structure. 57
Residual stresses in a ferritic steel welded pipe: an experimental comparison between reactor and pulsed neutron sources. 57
Non-destructive determination of residual stresses in materials and weldings by neutron diffraction technique 57
Phase Transitions and Structural Studies of New Compounds Belonging to Homologous Series 57
Italian contribution to LENR 57
Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier Porto Novo, Italy, 25 – 28 July 2016 Edited by: Richard L Amoroso (Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, USA), Louis H Kauffman (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), Peter Rowlands (University of Liverpool, UK), Gianni Albertini (Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), Italy) 57
Reduction of the radiation in radioactive substances 57
Orthopaedic prostheses and coatings 57
Structural and thermodynamical effects of the local anaesthetic lidocaine on lecithin model membranes. 56
Map of residual strain in a welded AISI 304 steel component, obtained by neutron diffraction. 56
Neutron diffraction study of internal stresses in brazed divertor structures for ITER. 56
Neutron measurements of residual strain in some technological materials and components. 56
Residual Stress Analysis on AA6061 + 22 vol.% Al2O3 Rear Wheel Hubs 55
DST-deactivation of nickel-63 nitrate 55
Semi-flexible liquid crystalline polyesters based on twin di (p-oxybenzoyl) units X-ray study on smetic mesophase structures of C5Cn 55
Characterization of 2.25 Cr 1 Mo welded ferritic steel plate by using diffractometric and ultrasonic techniques 54
Characterization of porosity in a laser sintered MMCp using X-ray synchrotron phase contrast microtomography 54
Inserti sinterizzati: l'usura nelle lavorazioni di semifinitura e sgrossatura. Utensili e Attrezzature, Ed. e Pubbl. Tecniche Nuove, Milano, Ott.1997, pp. 88-91. 53
A reverse time of flight approach to neutron diffraction residual stress investigation on a UNI-FE510D steel welded plate 53
Structural and functional relationships in 5'-nucleotidase from bull seminal plasma. A Fourier transform infrared study. 53
Investigation of Vycor glass structure on the double-bent-crystal small-angle neutron scattering instrument. 52
Studio mediante SAXS delle microinomogeneita’ del vetro silicosodocalcico industriale. 52
Residual strain in a fusion reactor first wall component subjected to thermal fatigue. 52
Residual Stress Analysis in Compositional Gradient Ti + HA Coatings on Ti6A14V Substrates for Biomedical Applications 52
Modifications of the phase transitions of model membranes by exogen molecules. 52
Two dimensional disorder as a pretransitional effect in smetic H. 52
Strain determination in technological components by using the neutron diffraction technique 52
Applicazioni della diffusione neutronica allo studio dell'idrogeno nei materiali metallici. 52
Cinetica di scambio H20-D20 in multistrati di DPPC e colesterolo 52
Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) investigation of irradiated MANET steel 52
SANS study of the microstructure of a martensitic steel for fusion technology. 52
Effects of glucosamine on model membranes. 52
Investigation of the homologous series of 4-acetyl-4'-n alkanoyloxy-azobenzenes by x-ray diffraction 51
Some structural and dynamical properties of multilamellar vesicles incorporated with propranolol 51
Effects of low-light intensità and temperature on photosynthesis and transpiration of Vigna sinesis L. 51
Neutron diffraction evaluation of residual strains in first-wall components - 17th SOFT (Symposium on fusion technology) Frascati, 14-18/09/'92 51
Deformed space-time transformations in Mercury 51
Temperature dependence of lattice parameters in solid, smetic Bc and metastable phases of TBBA 50
Engin - a neutron spectrometer for internal stress measurement in lightweight engineering structures. 50
Wear and tear of sintered carbide inserted tools during semi-finishing and rough-shaping process. 50
Low resolution X-ray diffraction study of dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline aqueous dispersions (with application to the case of tryptophan containing Lβ, phase) 50
Enhanced crystal fabric analysis of a lava flow sample by neutron texture diffraction: a case study from the Castello d’Ischia dome 50
Mesomorphic proprieties and molecolar structure. I.Structure of the smetic A phase in the 4-acetyl-4'-n-alkanoyloxy-azobenzene series 49
Inserti sinterizzati: l'usura nelle lavorazioni al tornio. 49
Lamellar and micellar structures of lysophospholipid in water 49
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