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Nome #
The impact of clinical information system in an intensive care unit 138
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The aPC treatment improves microcirculation in severe sepsis/septic shock syndrome. 60
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Valore diagnostico e prognostico del monitoraggio neurofisiologico nel trauma cranico grave. 59
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pain relief in unresectable pancreatic cancer and after pancreatic surgery 54
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Anestesia nella chirurgia della macula 39
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[A new therapeutic approach in the treatment of acute trichloroethylene poisoning. First clinical results]. 36
Un lavoro che brucia 33
Stratificazione del cardiac risk 33
Tecniche di anestesia nell'urgenza oculistica 33
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Monitoraggio elettronico in anestesia e trattamento dei dati 32
Early prediction of successful weaning during pressure support ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients. 31
Spectral entropy in evaluation of hypnosis 30
Prospective multicenter study on epidemiology of acute kidney injury in the ICU: a critical care nephrology Italian collaborative effort (NEFROINT) 30
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DO WE KNOW THE COST OF WHAT WE PRESCRIBE? a study on awareness of the cost of drugs and devices among icu staff 29
La sorveglianza delle infezioni nelle Unità di Terapia Intensiva dell’Azienda Ospedaliera Umberto I di Ancona 28
Nutritional assessment in head injured patients through the study of rapid turnover visceral proteins. 26
La sepsi: facciamo il punto 26
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