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AF - Africa 9
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Napoli 7
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Nanjing 5
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Buffalo 4
Campofilone 4
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Chatham 3
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Auckland 2
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Cartoceto 2
Castelfidardo 2
Castellbisbal 2
Chicago 2
Civitanova Marche 2
Cogne 2
Edinburgh 2
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Istanbul 2
Totale 9.493
Nome #
Pollutants bioavailability and toxicological risk from microplastics to marine mussels. 141
Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of vitellogenin coding sequences in the Antarctic fish Trematomus bernacchii . 137
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Oxidative and modulatory effects of trace metal on metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the antarctic fish Trematomus bernacchii 82
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null 80
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Sublethal toxicity of nano-titanium dioxide and carbon nanotubes in a sediment dwelling marine polychaete. 64
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A multidisciplinary weight of evidence approach for environmental risk assessment at the Costa Concordia wreck: integrative indices from Mussel Watch. 64
Arsenic speciation and susceptibility to oxidative stress in the fanworm Sabella spallanzanii (Gmelin) (Annelida, Sabellidae) under naturally acidified conditions: An in situ transplant experiment in a Mediterranean CO2 vent system 64
Microplastics pollution after the removal of the Costa Concordia wreck: First evidences from a biomonitoring case study 64
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