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Canonical Correlation Analysis of Transient EMG Data for Multi-User Motion Intent Detection 1-gen-2023 Scattolini, M.; Tigrini, A.; Verdini, F.; Fioretti, S.; Mengarelli, A.
CLAUDIA: Cloud-based Automatic Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Prodromal Stage and Disease from 3D Brain Magnetic Resonance 1-gen-2023 Tomassini, S.; Sbrollini, A.; Morettini, M.; Dragoni, A. F.; Burattini, L.
Gait Event Timeseries Assessment through Spectral Biomarkers and Machine Learning 1-gen-2023 Tigrini, A.; Verdini, F.; Fioretti, S.; Scattolini, M.; Mobarak, R.; Gambi, E.; Burattini, L.; Mengarelli, A.
A Machine-Learning Framework based on Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Prevent the Occurrence of Exercise-Induced Hypoglycemia in Children with Type 1 Diabetes 1-gen-2023 Piersanti, A.; Salvatori, B.; Gobl, C.; Burattini, L.; Tura, A.; Morettini, M.
Spatial distribution of BOLD activations evoked by three different tastants to build a chemotopic map of primary gustatory area: A pilot study 1-gen-2023 Marcantoni, I.; Tomaiuolo, F.; Piccolantonio, G.; Sbrollini, A.; Morettini, M.; Fiori, F.; Vignini, A.; Polonara, G.; Burattini, L.; Fabri, M.
Symbolic Analysis of Heart-Rate Variability during Training and Competition in Short Distance Running 1-gen-2023 Romagnoli, S.; Sbrollini, A.; Morettini, M.; Burattini, L.
Toward a Minimal sEMG Setup for Knee and Ankle Kinematic Estimation during Gait 1-gen-2023 Mengarelli, A.; Verdini, F.; Al-Timemy, A. H.; Mobarak, R.; Scattolini, M.; Fioretti, S.; Burattini, L.; Tigrini, A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 7 di 7
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