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16SrDNA Pyrosequencing of the Mediterranean Gorgonian Paramuricea clavata reveals a link among Alterations in Bacterial Holobiont Members, Anthropogenic Influence and Disease Outbreaks 1-gen-2013 Vezzulli, L; Pezzati, E; Huete Stauffer, C; Pruzzo, C; Cerrano, Carlo
17-alpha hydroxylase deficiency: two new cases of male siblings 1-gen-2002 Balercia, Giancarlo; BIASON LAUBER, A.; Giacchetti, G.; Pantanetti, P.; Boscaro, M.; Mantero, F.
-174 G>C polymorphism of interleukin 6 gene promoter affects interleukin 6 serum level in patients with colorectal cancer 1-gen-2003 Belluco, C; Olivieri, Fabiola; Bonafe, M; Giovagnetti, S; Mammano, E; Scalerta, R; Ambrosi, A; Franceschi, C; Nitti, D; Lise, M.
17alpha-hydroxylase definciency: clinical and molecular characterization of six novel cases. 1-gen-2006 Rosa, S; LANG MURITANO, M; Meyer, M; KEMAL TOPAOGLU, A; Balercia, Giancarlo; Mioni, R; Fallo, F; Zuliani, L; BIASON LAUBER, A.
17b-Oestradiol inhibits growth of human vascular smooth muscle: similar effects in cells from females and males 1-gen-1996 Yang, Z.; Dai Do, D.; Espinosa, Emma; Barton, M.; Arnet, U.; Lüscher, T. F.
17beta-Estradiol and smooth muscle cell proliferation in aortic cells of male and female rats. 1-gen-1996 Espinosa, Emma; Oemar, B. S.; Lüscher, T. F.
17beta-Estradiol inhibits proliferation and migration of human vascular smooth muscle cells: similar effects in cells from postmenopausal females and in males 1-gen-1996 Dai Do, D.; Espinosa, Emma; Liu, G.; Rabelink, T. J.; Julmy, F.; Yang, Z; Mahler, F.; Lüscher, T. F.
17th International Conference on Chemical Education 1-gen-2003 Cardellini, Liberato
18. Monitoring of peroxisome induction and degradation by flow cytometric analysis of Hansenula polymorpha cells grown in glucose and methanol media: cell volume, refractive index and FITC retention 1-gen-1994 Smeraldi, C.; Berardi, Enrico Giuseppe Roberto; Porro, D.
18q- syndrome and white matter alterations. 1-gen-1998 Gabrielli, O; Coppa, Gv; Carloni, I; Salvolini, Ugo
18q-syndrome and white matter alteretions 1-gen-1998 Gabrielli, Orazio; Coppa, G. V.; Carloni, I.; Salvolini, Ugo
19. Ultrastructural aspects and the interaction between erythroid precursors and the stromal cells of human bone marrow. 1-gen-1986 Balercia, Giancarlo; Morroni, Manrico; Cangiotti, A. M.; Montillo, M.
1992-2011 sea ice thickness estimation in the Ross and Weddell Seas from SSM/I brightness temperatures 1-gen-2013 Aulicino, G.; Fusco, G.; Kern, S.; Budillon, G.
The 1996 European Urology Focus on Preneoplastic Lesions of the Prostate 1-gen-2020 Cimadamore, A.; Montironi, R.
1999 mass mortality event in the Ligurian Sea: recovery strategies in Eunicella cavolinii. 1-gen-2003 Franci, G; S., Schiaparelli; CATTANEO VIETTI, Riccardo; Albertelli, G.
19th International Conference on Chemical Education 1-gen-2006 Cardellini, Liberato
19th International Conference on Chemical Education 1-gen-2007 Bucat, R.; Cardellini, Liberato
1:1 internal resonance in a two d.o.f. complete system: a comprehensive analysis and its possible exploitation for design 1-gen-2020 Clementi, F.; Lenci, S.; Rega, G.
2,2'-Diphenyl-Δ3,3'-bi-3H-indole-1,1-dioxide: Molecular Interactions and Crystal Structure 1-gen-1988 G., Tosi; Stipa, Pierluigi; G., Bocelli
2,2'-Diphenyl- 3,3'-bi-3H-indole-1,1'-dioxide: Competitive Demethylation and Redox Reactions 1-gen-1988 Bruni, Paolo; Conti, Carla; Tosi, Giorgio
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 62.530
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