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Immunotherapy: Is a minor god yet in the pantheon of treatments for lung cancer? 1-gen-2014 Rolfo, C.; Sortino, G.; Smits, E.; Passiglia, F.; Bronte, G.; Castiglia, M.; Russo, A.; Santos, E. S.; Janssens, A.; Pauwels, P.; Raez, L.
Are erlotinib and gefitinib interchangeable, opposite or complementary for non-small cell lung cancer treatment? Biological, pharmacological and clinical aspects 1-gen-2014 Bronte, G.; Rolfo, C.; Giovannetti, E.; Cicero, G.; Pauwels, P.; Passiglia, F.; Castiglia, M.; Rizzo, S.; Vullo, F. L.; Fiorentino, E.; Van Meerbeeck, J.; Russo, A.
Novel therapeutic strategies for patients with NSCLC that do not respond to treatment with EGFR inhibitors 1-gen-2014 Rolfo, C.; Giovannetti, E.; Hong, D. S.; Bivona, T.; Raez, L. E.; Bronte, G.; Buffoni, L.; Reguart, N.; Santos, E. S.; Germonpre, P.; Taron, M.; Passiglia, F.; Van Meerbeeck, J. P.; Russo, A.; Peeters, M.; Gil-Bazo, I.; Pauwels, P.; Rosell, R.
ALK and crizotinib: After the honeymoon...what else? Resistance mechanisms and new therapies to overcome it 1-gen-2014 Rolfo, C.; Passiglia, F.; Castiglia, M.; Raez, L. E.; Germonpre, P.; Gil-Bazo, I.; Zwaenepoel, K.; De Wilde, A.; Bronte, G.; Russo, A.; Van Meerbeeck, J. P.; Van Schil, P.; Pauwels, P.
The role of cMET in non-small cell lung cancer resistant to EGFR-Inhibitors: Did we really find the target? 1-gen-2014 Passiglia, F.; Van Der Steen, N.; Raez, L.; Pauwels, P.; Gil-Bazo, I.; Santos, E.; Santini, D.; Tesoriere, G.; Russo, A.; Bronte, G.; Zwaenepoel, K.; Cappuzzo, F.; Rolfo, C.
VIPoma and PPoma 1-gen-2015 Rolfo, C.; Papadimitriou, K.; Peeters, M.; Bronte, G.; Russo, A.; Leider, L.; Pauwels, P.
What can platinum offer yet in the treatment of PS2 NSCLC patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2015 Bronte, G.; Rolfo, C.; Passiglia, F.; Rizzo, S.; Gil-Bazo, I.; Fiorentino, E.; Cajozzo, M.; Van Meerbeeck, J. P.; Lequaglie, C.; Santini, D.; Pauwels, P.; Russo, A.
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