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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The contribution of management information systems for improving quality in healthcare organisations: developement perspectives 1-gen-2002 DEL BENE, Luca
The contribution of university research to the growth of high-tech start-ups: an empirical analysis 1-gen-2008 Colombo, M. G.; D'Adda, Diego; Piva, E.
The contribution of university research to the growth of high-tech start-ups: an empirical analysis 1-gen-2008 M. G., Colombo; D'Adda, Diego; E., Piva
The Control of the Solar Radiation for a Bioclimatic Southward Building Façade 1-gen-2001 Paroncini, Massimo; Calcagni, B.; Filippetti, F.
The controversial relationship between benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer: the role of inflammation 1-gen-2011 De Nunzio, C.; Kramer, G.; Marberger, M.; Montironi, Rodolfo; Nelson, W.; Schröder, F.; Sciarra, A.; Tubaro, A.
The coplanarity condition for the orientation in surveying 1-gen-1998 Fangi, Gabriele
The coral assemblages of an off‐shore deep Mediterranean rocky bank (NW Sicily, Italy) 1-gen-2013 Bo, M; Cerrano, Carlo; Canese, S; Salvati, E; Angiolillo, M; Santangel, G; Bavestrello, G.
The correlation between creatinine clearance and enzymuria in the evaluation of renal damage in patients undergoing preoperative intraarterial chemotherapy for bladder cancer 1-gen-1989 Beatrici, V.; Minardi, Daniele; Diambrini, M.; Bonsignori, M.; Muzzonigro, Giovanni; Polito, Mario
The correlation between fetal bradycardia area in the second stage of labor and acidemia at birth. 1-gen-2013 Tranquilli, Andrea Luigi; Biagini, A; Greco, P; Di Tommaso, M; Giannubilo, Stefano Raffaele
The costs of mobilisation and collection of peripheral blood stem cells in multiple myeloma and lymphoma in an European country: Results from The Gruppo Italiano Trapianto Midollo Osseo (GITMO) and Società Italiana di Emaferesi e Manipolazione Cellulare (SIdEM) survey 1-gen-2013 Luca, Pierelli; Patrizia, Berto; Patrizia, Accorsi; Giuseppe, Milone; Stefania, Lopatriello; Andrea, Aiello; Pasquale, Iacopino; Olivieri, Attilio; Alessandro, Rambaldi; Alberto, Bosi
The cranial osteology and dentition in the scincid lizards of the genus Chalcides (Reptilia: Scincidae). 1-gen-2004 CAPUTO BARUCCHI, Vincenzo
The Creation of The 3d Solid Model by Laser Scanning: The “Old Sacristy” By Brunelleschi In Florence 1-gen-2005 Fangi, Gabriele; Malinverni, Eva Savina
The cross-border mobility of companies within the European Community after the Cartesio ruling of the ECJ 1-gen-2010 Cerioni, Luca
The crowned dens syndrome as a cause of neck pain: clinical and computed tomography study in patients with calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition disease 1-gen-2008 Salaffi, Fausto; Carotti, M; Guglielmi, G; Passarini, G; Grassi, Walter
The crystal structure of human alpha-amino-beta-carboxymuconate-epsilon-semialdehyde in complex with 1,3-dihydroxyacetonephosphate suggests a regulatory link between NAD synthesis and glycolysis 1-gen-2009 Garavaglia, S; Perozzi, S; Galeazzi, L; Raffaelli, Nadia; Rizzi, M.
The crystallisation behaviour of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 sol gel films on platinum electrodes 1-gen-1997 A., DI CRISTOFORO; Mengucci, Paolo; G., Majni; F., Leccabue; B. E., Watts; G., Chiorboli
The cubic phases 1-gen-1991 Mariani, Paolo
“The Cultural Legacy of Places” 1-gen-1996 Pugnaloni, Fausto
The current CAP – The second pillar: rural development policy. 4th module in the e-Learning course on the CAP 1-gen-2011 Sotte, Franco
The current role of neuroradiology in evaluating malformation syndromes 1-gen-1993 Salvolini, Ugo; DE NICOLA, M; Chiaramoni, L; Maricotti, M; Rossi, R; Manca, A.
Mostrati risultati da 59.002 a 59.021 di 64.741
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