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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Nonlinear system identification: An effective framework based on the Karhunen-Loève transform 1-gen-2009 Turchetti, Claudio; Biagetti, Giorgio; Gianfelici, Francesco; Crippa, Paolo
Nonlinear System Theory. An Algebraic Setting 1-gen-1999 Conte, Giuseppe; Perdon, ANNA MARIA; Moog, C. H.
A Nonlinear System with Coupled Switching Surfaces for Remotely Operated Vehicle Control 1-gen-2016 Dyda, A. A.; Oskin, D.; Longhi, Sauro; Monteriu', Andrea
Nonlinear thermooptical effects induced by light modulation of an isotropic hole in twisted nematic liquid crystal cell 1-gen-1991 L., Vicari; F., Bloisi; Simoni, Francesco
Nonlinear total internal reflection through thermoplastic effec 1-gen-1992 F., Bloisi; L., Vicari; Simoni, Francesco
Nonlinear Transformation of Waves over a submerged bar 21-giu-2022 Rocchi, Stefania
Nonlinear vibrations of a composite beam in large displacements: Analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches 1-gen-2021 Utzeri, M.; Sasso, M.; Chiappini, G.; Lenci, S.
Nonlinear vibrations of a multi-span continuous beam subject to periodic impact excitation 1-gen-2015 Davtalab, Sami; Woo, Ko Choong; Pagwiwoko, Cosmas Pandit; Lenci, Stefano
Nonlinear vibrations of an extensional beam with tip mass in slewing motion 1-gen-2020 Warminski, J.; Kloda, L.; Lenci, S.
Nonlinear vibrations of non-uniform beams 1-gen-2015 Lenci, Stefano; Clementi, Francesco; Demeio, Lucio; Mazzilli, C. E. N.
Nonlinear vibrations of non-uniform beams by the MTS asymptotic expansion method 1-gen-2014 Lenci, Stefano; Clementi, Francesco; Mazzilli, C. E. N.; Demeio, Lucio
Nonlinear vibrations of non-uniform beams by the MTS asymptotic expansion method 1-gen-2015 Clementi, F.; Demeio, L.; Mazzilli, C. E. N.; Lenci, S.
Nonlinear vibrations of symmetric cross-ply laminates via thermomechanically coupled reduced order 1-gen-2017 Saetta, E; Settimi, V; Rega, G
Nonlinear visco-elastic finite element analysis of porcelain veneers: A submodelling approach to strain and stress distributions in adhesive and resin cement 1-gen-2010 Perillo, L.; Sorrentino, R.; Apicella, D.; Quaranta, A.; Gherlone, E.; Zarone, F.; Ferrari, M.; Aversa, R.; Apicella, A.
Nonlinear-analysis of Beams Prestressed By Unbonded Cables 1-gen-1993 A., Dall'Asta; Dezi, Luigino
Nonlinearity in architecture versus science: borrowing the lexicon of complexity or exploiting its powerfulness? 1-gen-2010 Rega, G.; Settimi, V.
Nonliving biomass of marine macrophytes as arsenic(V) biosorbents 1-gen-2012 Pennesi, Chiara; Vegliò, F.; Totti, Cecilia Maria; Romagnoli, Tiziana; Beolchini, Francesca
Nonliving macrophytes used as adsorbents for the removal of metals and semimetals ions from wastewater solution. 1-gen-2015 Pennesi, Chiara; Totti, Cecilia Maria; Beolchini, Francesca
Nonmetastatic Ewing's Sarcoma of the Lumbar Spine in an Adult Patient. 1-gen-2012 Iacoangeli, Maurizio; Dobran, M.; Di Rienzo, A.; di Somma, L. G.; Alvaro, L.; Moriconi, E.; Nocchi, N.; Gladi, M.; Scerrati, Massimo
Nonmonotone, nonlinear evolution inclusions 1-gen-2000 Papageorgiou, N. S.; Papalini, Francesca; Yannakakis, N.
Mostrati risultati da 39.827 a 39.846 di 62.533
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