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Life cycle assessment comparison of activated sludge, trickling filter, and high-rate anaerobic-aerobic digestion (HRAAD) 1-gen-2016 Postacchini, Leonardo; Lamichhane, Krishna M; Furukawa, Dennis; Babcock, Roger W; Ciarapica, FILIPPO EMANUELE; Cooney, Michael J.
Occurrence and fate of heavy metals in large wastewater treatment plants treating municipal and industrial wastewaters 1-gen-2008 Carletti, G.; Fatone, Francesco; Bolzonella, D.; Cecchi, Franco
Performance of thermophilic semi-dry anaerobic digestion process changing the feed biodegradability 1-gen-2000 Pavan, P.; Battistoni, Paolo; MATA ALVAREZ, J.; Cecchi, F.
Phosphate removal in real anaerobic supernatants.Modelling and performance of a fluideized bed reactor 1-gen-1998 Battistoni, Paolo; Pavan, P.; Cecchi, F.; MATA ALVAREZ, J.
Pre-Treatment, measurement execution procedure and waste characteristics in the rheology of sewage sludges and digested organic fraction of municipal solid wastes 1-gen-1997 Battistoni, Paolo
Process control automation and remote on-line supervision: The strategy for wastewater treatment in an Italian piedmont 1-gen-2008 Battistoni, E. M; Fatone, Francesco; Pavan, Paolo; Beltritti, R.; Raviola, M.
Rheology of sludge from double phase anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste 1-gen-2000 Battistoni, Paolo; Pavan, P.; MATA ALVAREZ, J.; Prisciandaro, M.; Cecchi, F.
SBR on-line monitoring by set-point titration 1-gen-2006 Fiocchi, N.; Ficara, E.; Canziani, R.; Luccarini, L.; Ciappelloni, F.; Ratini, P.; Pirani, M.; Mariani, S.
Sludge reduction at low ozone doses: predictive effects and full-scale study 1-gen-2015 Romero, P; Coello, M. D; Aragón, C. A; Eusebi, ANNA LAURA
Soft sensors for control of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewaters by neural networks 1-gen-2002 L., Luccarini; E., Porra; A., Spagni; P., Ratini; S., Grilli; Longhi, Sauro; G., Bortone
Summertime conditions of a muddy estuarine environment: the EsCoSed project contribution 1-gen-2015 Brocchini, Maurizio; Calantoni, J.; Reed, A. H.; Postacchini, Matteo; Lorenzoni, Carlo; Russo, Aniello; Mancinelli, Alessandro; Corvaro, Sara; Moriconi, Giacomo; Soldini, Luciano
Switching small WWTPs from extended to intermittent aeration: process behaviour and performances 1-gen-2008 Eusebi, ANNA LAURA; Giacomo, Carletti; Emanuela, Cola; Fatone, Francesco; Battistoni, Paolo
The AF-BNR-SCP process as a way to reduce global sludge production: comparison with classical approaches on a full scale basis 1-gen-2002 Battistoni, Paolo; Pezzoli, S.; Bolzonella, D.; Pavan, P.
Treatment of mixed municipal and winery wastewaters in a conventional activated sludge process: a case study, 1-gen-2005 M., Brucculeri; D., Bolzonella; Battistoni, Paolo
Two-phase anaerobic digestion of source sorted OFMSW: performance and kinetic study 1-gen-2000 Pavan, P.; Battistoni, Paolo; Cecchi, F.; MAT ALVAREZ, J.
Two-phase thermophilic anaerobic digestion process for biohythane production treating biowaste: Preliminary results 1-gen-2011 Cavinato, C; Bolzonella, D.; Fatone, Francesco; Giuliano, A.; Pavan, Paolo
Use of external carbon sources derived from biowaste for short-cut nutrient removal from anaerobic effluents 1-gen-2014 Katsou, Evina; Frison, Nicola; Malamis, Simos; Fatone, Francesco
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