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Genetic polymorphisms of Fas (CD95) and FasL (CD178) in human longevity: studies on centenarians 1-gen-2002 M., Pinti; L., Troiano; M., Nasi; L., Moretti; E., Monterastelli; A., Mazzacani; C., Mussi; P., Ventura; Olivieri, Fabiola; C., Franceschi; G., Salvioli; AND A., Cossarizza
”Do men and women follow different trajectories to reach extreme longevity?” 1-gen-2002 Franceschi, C; Motta, L; Valensin, S; Rapisarda, R; Franzone, A; Berardelli, M; Motta, M; Monti, D; Bonafè, M; Ferrucci, L; Dejana, L; Pes, G; Carru, C; Desole, S; Barbi, C; Olivieri, Fabiola; Marchegiani, F; Cardelli, M; Cavallone, L; Gueresi, P; Cossarizza, A; Troiano, L; Pini, G; Sansoni, P; Passeri, G; Lisa, R; Spazzafumo, L; Amadio, L; Giunta, S; Mattace, R; DE BENEDICTIS, G; Baggio, G; AND THE ITALIAN MULTICENTER STUDY ON CENTENARIANS, Imsc
What studies on human longevity tell us about the risk for cancer in the oldest old: data and hypotheses on the genetics and immunology of centenarians 1-gen-2002 Bonafe, M; Barbi, C; Storci, G; Salvioli, S; Capri, M; Olivieri, Fabiola; Valensin, S; Monti, D; Gonos, Es; DE BENEDICTIS, G; Franceschi, C.
Age dependent impact of LMP polymorphisms on TNAa-induced apoptosis in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells 1-gen-2002 M., Mishto; M., Bonafè; S., Salvioli; Olivieri, Fabiola; C., Franceschi
Interleukin-6 gene alleles affect the risk of Alzheimer's disease and levels of the cytokine in blood and brain 1-gen-2003 Licastro, F; Grimaldi, Lm; Bonafe, M; Martina, C; Olivieri, Fabiola; Cavallone, L; Giovanietti, S; Masliah, E; Franceschi, C.
Polymorphic variants of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) receptor and phosphoinositide 3-kinase genes affect IGF-I plasma levels and human longevity: cues for an evolutionarily conserved mechanism of life span control. 1-gen-2003 Bonafe, M; Barbieri, M; Marchegiani, F; Olivieri, Fabiola; Ragno, E; Giampieri, C; Mugianesi, E; Centurelli, M; Franceschi, C; Paolisso, G.
Chronic inflammation and the effect of IGF-I on muscle strength and power in older persons 1-gen-2003 Barbieri, M; Ferrucci, L; Ragno, E; Corsi, A; Bandinelli, S; Bonafe, M; Olivieri, Fabiola; Giovagnetti, S; Franceschi, C; Guralnik, Jm; Paolisso, G.
Strikingly higher frequency in centenarians and twins of mtDNA mutation causing remodeling of replication origin in leukocytes 1-gen-2003 Zhang, J; ASIN CAYUELA, J; Fish, J; Michikawa, Y; Bonafe, M; Olivieri, Fabiola; Passarino, G; DE BENEDICTIS, G; Franceschi, C; Attardi, G.
Inflammation, genetics, and longevity: further studies on the protective effects in men of IL-10 -1082 promoter SNP and its interaction with TNF-alpha -308 promoter SNP. 1-gen-2003 Lio, D; Scola, L; Crivello, A; COLONNA ROMANO, G; Candore, G; Bonafe, M; Cavallone, L; Marchegiani, F; Olivieri, Fabiola; Franceschi, C; Caruso, C.
Retention of the p53 codon 72 arginine allele is associated with a reduction of disease-free and overall survival in arginine/proline heterozygous breast cancer patients 1-gen-2003 Bonafe, M; Ceccarelli, C; Farabegoli, F; Santini, D; Taffurelli, M; Barbi, C; Marzi, E; Trapassi, C; Storci, G; Olivieri, Fabiola; Franceschi, C.
Is chronic inflammation a determinant of blood pressure in the elderly? 1-gen-2003 Barbieri, M; Ferrucci, L; Corsi, Am; Macchi, C; Lauretani, F; Bonafe, M; Olivieri, Fabiola; Giovagnetti, S; Franceschi, C; Paolisso, G.
In vitro IL-6 production by EBV-immortalized B lymphocytes from young and elderly people genotyped for -174 C/G polymorphism in IL-6 gene: a model to study the genetic basis of inflamm-aging. 1-gen-2003 Olivieri, Fabiola; Bonafe, M; Giovagnetti, S; Stecconi, R; Cardelli, M; Cavallone, L; Spazzafumo, L; Marchegiani, F; Carrieri, G; Mugianesi, E; Giampieri, C; Centurelli, M; Moresi, R; Tesei, S; Lisa, R; Viticchi, C; Falsetti, L; Salvioli, S; Franceschi, C.
The role of IL-1 gene cluster in longevity: a study in Italian population 1-gen-2003 Cavallone, L; Bonafe, M; Olivieri, Fabiola; Cardelli, M; Marchegiani, F; Giovagnetti, S; DI STASIO, G; Giampieri, C; Mugianesi, E; Stecconi, R; Sciacca, F; Grimaldi, Lm; DE BENEDICTIS, G; Lio, D; Caruso, C; Franceschi, C.
The MALVA (MAntova LongeVA) study: an investigation on people 98 years of age and over in a province of Northern Italy 1-gen-2003 Gueresi, P; Troiano, L; Minicuci, N; Bonafe, M; Pini, G; Salvioli, G; Carani, C; Ferrucci, L; Spazzafumo, L; Olivieri, Fabiola; Cavrini, G; Valentini, D; Franceschi, C.
-174 G>C polymorphism of interleukin 6 gene promoter affects interleukin 6 serum level in patients with colorectal cancer 1-gen-2003 Belluco, C; Olivieri, Fabiola; Bonafe, M; Giovagnetti, S; Mammano, E; Scalerta, R; Ambrosi, A; Franceschi, C; Nitti, D; Lise, M.
The G/C915 polymorphism of transforming growth factor beta1 is associated with human longevity: a study in Italian centenarians. 1-gen-2004 Carrieri, G; Marzi, E; Olivieri, Fabiola; Marchegiani, F; Cavallone, L; Cardelli, M; Giovagnetti, S; Stecconi, R; Molendini, C; Trapassi, C; DE BENEDICTIS, G; Kletsas, D; Franceschi, C.
The -174G/C polymorphism of IL-6 is useful to screen old subjects at risk for atherosclerosis or to reach successful ageing 1-gen-2004 Giacconi, R; Cipriano, C; Albanese, F; Boccoli, G; Saba, V; Olivieri, Fabiola; Franceschi, C; Mocchegiani, E.
A novel mitochondrial DNA-like sequence insertion polymorphism in Intron I of the FOXO1A gene. 1-gen-2004 Giampieri, C; Centurelli, M; Bonafe, M; Olivieri, Fabiola; Cardelli, M; Marchegiani, F; Cavallone, L; Giovagnetti, S; Mugianesi, E; Carrieri, G; Lisa, R; Cenerelli, S; Testa, R; Boemi, M; Petropoulou, C; Gonos, Es; Franceschi, C.
Paraoxonase polymorphisms PON1 192 and 55 and longevity in Italian centenarians and Irish nonagenarians. A pooled analysis 1-gen-2004 Rea, Im; Mckeown, Pp; Mcmaster, D; Young, Is; Patterson, C; Savage, Mj; Belton, C; Marchegiani, F; Olivieri, Fabiola; Bonafe, M; Franceschi, C.
Association between longevity and cytokine gene polymorphisms. A study in Sardinian centenarians 1-gen-2004 Pes, Gm; Lio, D; Carru, C; Deiana, L; Baggio, G; Franceschi, C; Ferrucci, L; Olivieri, Fabiola; Scola, L; Crivello, A; Candore, G; COLONNA ROMANO, G; Caruso, C.
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