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Pilot scale cellulose recovery from sewage sludge and reuse in building and construction material 1-gen-2019 Palmieri, Silvia; Cipolletta, Giulia; Pastore, Carlo; Giosue', Chiara; Akyol, Cagri; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Frison, Nicola; Tittarelli, Francesca; Fatone, Francesco
Long-term operation of a pilot-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) treating high salinity low loaded municipal wastewater in real environment 1-gen-2020 Foglia, A.; Akyol, C.; Frison, N.; Katsou, E.; Eusebi, A. L.; Fatone, F.
Combined sewer overflows: A critical review on best practice and innovative solutions to mitigate impacts on environment and human health 1-gen-2020 Botturi, Alice; Ozbayram, E. Gozde; Tondera, Katharina; Gilbert, Nathalie I.; Rouault, Pascale; Caradot, Nicolas; Gutierrez, Oriol; Daneshgar, Saba; Frison, Nicola; Akyol, Çağrı; Foglia, Alessia; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Fatone, Francesco
Validated innovative approaches for energy-efficient resource recovery and re-use from municipal wastewater: From anaerobic treatment systems to a biorefinery concept 1-gen-2020 Akyol, Cagri; Foglia, Alessia; Ozbayram, E. G.; Frison, N.; Katsou, E.; Eusebi, A. L.; Fatone, F.
Decentralized Community Composting: Past, Present and Future Aspects of Italy 1-gen-2020 Bruni, Cecilia; Akyol, Çağrı; Cipolletta, Giulia; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Caniani, Donatella; Masi, Salvatore; Colón, Joan; Fatone, Francesco
Cellulosic materials recovery from municipal wastewater: from treatment plants to the market 1-gen-2021 Akyol, Cagri; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Cipolletta, Giulia; Bruni, Cecilia; Foglia, Alessia; Giosue', Chiara; Frison, Nicola; Tittarelli, Francesca; Canestrari, Francesco; Fatone, Francesco
Monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms and assessing polymer-enhanced microfiltration and ultrafiltration for microcystin removal in an Italian drinking water treatment plant 1-gen-2021 Akyol, C.; Ozbayram, E. G.; Accoroni, S.; Radini, S.; Eusebi, A. L.; Gorbi, S.; Vignaroli, C.; Bacchiocchi, S.; Campacci, D.; Gigli, F.; Farina, G.; Albay, M.; Fatone, F.
Assessing socio-economic value of innovative materials recovery solutions validated in existing wastewater treatment plants 1-gen-2021 Foglia, A.; Bruni, C.; Cipolletta, G.; Eusebi, A. L.; Frison, N.; Katsou, E.; Akyol, C.; Fatone, F.
Brine treatment technologies towards minimum/zero liquid discharge and resource recovery: State of the art and techno-economic assessment 1-gen-2021 Cipolletta, G.; Lancioni, N.; Akyol, C.; Eusebi, A. L.; Fatone, F.
Water–energy–food–climate nexus in an integrated peri‐urban wastewater treatment and reuse system: From theory to practice 1-gen-2021 Marinelli, E.; Radini, S.; Akyol, C.; Sgroi, M.; Eusebi, A. L.; Bischetti, G. B.; Mancini, A.; Fatone, F.
Selective removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) from urban water cycle via Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs): Potential of upscaling and enabling reclaimed water reuse 1-gen-2021 Parlapiano, M.; Akyol, C.; Foglia, A.; Pisani, M.; Astolfi, P.; Eusebi, A. L.; Fatone, F.
Urban water-energy-food-climate nexus in integrated wastewater and reuse systems: Cyber-physical framework and innovations 1-gen-2021 Radini, S.; Marinelli, E.; Akyol, C.; Eusebi, A. L.; Vasilaki, V.; Mancini, A.; Frontoni, E.; Bischetti, G. B.; Gandolfi, C.; Katsou, E.; Fatone, F.
Catchment-wide validated assessment of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in a mediterranean coastal area and possible disinfection methods to mitigate microbial contamination 1-gen-2021 Crocetti, Paolo; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Bruni, Cecilia; Marinelli, Enrico; Darvini, Giovanna; Bernardo Carini, Claudio; Bollettini, Cristiana; Recanati, Virginia; Akyol, Cagri; Fatone, Francesco
Microplastics in real wastewater treatment schemes: Comparative assessment and relevant inhibition effects on anaerobic processes 1-gen-2021 Pittura, L.; Foglia, A.; Akyol, C.; Cipolletta, G.; Benedetti, M.; Regoli, F.; Eusebi, A. L.; Sabbatini, S.; Tseng, L. Y.; Katsou, E.; Gorbi, S.; Fatone, F.
Lessons learnt from different inoculation strategies for pilot-scale start-up of partial nitritation for landfill leachate treatment 1-gen-2022 Bruni, Cecilia; Cipolletta, Giulia; Akyol, Çağrı; Eusebi, Anna Laura; Anna, Laura.; Fatone, Francesco
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