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Self-Consistent and Full-Wave Analysis of Carbon-Nanotube Matrices for Multi-Channel Charge Confinement 1-gen-2022 Mencarelli, D.; Zampa, G. M.; Joseph Christopher, H.; Pierantoni, L.
Current-Voltage Characterization of Multi-Port Graphene Based Geometric Diodes for High-Frequency Electromagnetic Harvesting 1-gen-2022 Mencarelli, D; Zampa, Gm; Pierantoni, L
Dirac-Based Quantum Admittance of 2D Nanomaterials at Radio Frequencies 1-gen-2022 Rozzi, T; Mencarelli, D; Zampa, Gm; Pierantoni, L
First principles study of WSe2 and the effect of V doping on the optical and electronic properties 1-gen-2023 Pavoni, E.; Mohebbi, E.; Zampa, G. M.; Stipa, P.; Pierantoni, L.; Laudadio, E.; Mencarelli, D.
A full-wave time-dependent Schrödinger equation approach for the modeling of asymmetric transport in geometric diodes 1-gen-2023 Zampa, G. M.; Mencarelli, D.; Pierantoni, L.
Characterization of a D-Band Electric-Inductive-Capacitive Metamaterial-Based Transmission Line Phase Shifter 1-gen-2023 Zampa, G. M.; Sonara, A.; Mencarelli, D.; Pierantoni, L.; Christopher, H. J.; Cao, Z.; Hadi, R. A.; Chang, M. -C. F.; Kaynak, M.
High-frequency investigation of polarization effects in nanoscale hafnium-based ferroelectrics 1-gen-2023 Mencarelli, D; Zampa, Gm; Pierantoni, L; Dragoman, M; Nastase, F; Vulpe, S; Aldrigo, M
Metamaterial-Based Planar GRIN Lens Antenna for D-Band Wireless Communications 1-gen-2023 Zampa, G. M.; Mencarelli, D.; Stocchi, M.; Pierantoni, L.
Band gap and THz optical adsorption of SnSe and SnSe2 nanosheets on graphene: Negative dielectric constant of SnSe 1-gen-2024 Mohebbi, Elaheh; Pavoni, Eleonora; Pierantoni, Luca; Stipa, Pierluigi; Zampa, Gian Marco; Laudadio, Emiliano; Mencarelli, Davide
Quantum tunnelling in hafnia-based metal-insulator-metal diodes: atomistic-to-continuum modelling approach and experimental validation 1-gen-2024 Pavoni, Eleonora; Laudadio, Emiliano; Christopher, Hardly Joseph; Zampa, Gian Marco; Russo, Paola; Mohebbi, Elaheh; Mencarelli, Davide; Dragoman, Mircea; Stipa, Pierluigi; Pierantoni, Luca; Aldrigo, Martino
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