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A novel approach for features extraction in physiological signals 1-gen-2015 Cosoli, Gloria; Casacanditella, Luigi; Pietroni, Filippo; Calvaresi, Andrea; Revel, Gian Marco; Scalise, Lorenzo
Smart monitoring of user's health at home: Performance evaluation and signal processing of a wearable sensor for the measurement of Heart Rate and Breathing Rate 1-gen-2016 Casaccia, Sara; Pietroni, Filippo; Calvaresi, Andrea; Revel, Gian Marco; Scalise, Lorenzo
A Sub-Zonal PMV-Based HVAC and Façade Control System for Curtain Wall Buildings 1-gen-2018 Arnesano, Marco; Calvaresi, Andrea; Pietroni, Filippo; Zampetti, Lorenzo; Magnani, Sara; Casadei, Oscar; Revel, Gian Marco
Measuring Metabolic Rate to Improve Comfort Management in Buildings 1-gen-2018 Calvaresi, Andrea; Arnesano, Marco; Pietroni, Filippo; Revel, Gian Marco
Development of an innovative method for real-time monitoring and control of comfort in indoor environments based on dynamic measurements of personal parameters 24-ott-2018 Calvaresi, Andrea
A comprehensive human comfort assessment protocol based on multidomain measurements and surveys 1-gen-2019 Ilaria, Pigliautile; Casaccia, Sara; Calvaresi, Andrea; Morresi, Nicole; Arnesano, Marco; Anna Laura Pisello, ; Revel, Gian Marco
Measurement of users’ well-being through domotic sensors and machine learning algorithms 1-gen-2020 Casaccia, Sara; Romeo, Luca; Calvaresi, Andrea; Morresi, Nicole; Monteriù, Andrea; Frontoni, Emanuele; Scalise, Lorenzo; Revel, Gian Marco
Measuring Environmental Data and Physiological Parameters at Home to Assess the Caregiver Burden in Assistants of People with Dementia 1-gen-2021 Casaccia, S.; Calvaresi, A.; Morresi, N.; Scalise, L.; Monteriù, A.; Romeo, L.; Frontoni, E.; Revel, G. M.
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