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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A Decision support system for capillaroscopic images 1-gen-1991 Tascini, Guido; Puliti, P.; Zingaretti, Primo
Aeroacoustic characterisation of turbulent free jets using scanning laser doppler vibrometry 1-gen-2004 Castellini, P.; Martarelli, M.
All-optical phase shifter with photovoltaic liquid crystal cell 1-gen-2016 Lucchetti, Liana; K., Kushnir; F., Ciciulla; A., Zaltron; G., Bettella; G., Pozza; C., Sada; V., Reshetnyak; Simoni, Francesco
Application of lasers for non-contact excitation and measurement of vibration 1-gen-2000 Castellini, P.; Revel, G. M.; Scalise, L.
Conservation of frescoes paintings and icons; Non-invasive measurement of damage by a laser scanning vibrometer 1-gen-1998 Castellini, P.; Esposito, E.; Paone, N.; Tomasini, E. P.
Handwritten character recognition using background analysis 1-gen-1993 Tascini, Guido; Puliti, P.; Zingaretti, Primo
Image sequence recognition 1-gen-1994 Tascini, Guido; Zingaretti, Primo
Imaging approach to real-time tracking of submarine pipeline 1-gen-1996 Zingaretti, Primo; Tascini, Guido; Puliti, P.; Zanoli, Silvia Maria
Laser based systems for the structural diagnostic of artworks: An application to XVII century Byzantine icons 1-gen-2001 Tornari, V.; Bonarou, A.; Castellini, P.; Esposito, E.; Osten, W.; Kalms, M.; Smyrnakis, N.; Stasinopulos, S.
Light induced anchoring and memory effects in dye-doped liquid crystals 1-gen-1998 Simoni, Francesco; Francescangeli, Oriano; I., Pepe; Y., Reznikov; S., Slussarenko
Light-induced anchoring and reorientation effects in dye-doped liquid crystals 1-gen-2002 Francescangeli, Oriano; Lucchetti, Liana; Simoni, Francesco; S., Slussarenko; E., Ouskova; Y., Reznikov; S., Shiyanovskii; J. L., West
Light-induced effects in liquid crystals: recent developments 1-gen-2016 Simoni, Francesco; Lucchetti, Liana
Model attraction in medical image object recognition 1-gen-1995 Tascini, Guido; Zingaretti, Primo
New applications of scanning laser doppler vibrometry (SLDV) to non-destructive diagnosis of artworks: Mosaics, ceramics, inlaid wood and easel painting 1-gen-2001 Castellini, P.; Esposito, E.; Marchetti, B.; Paone, N.; Tomasini, E. P.
New composite blue sensitive materials for high resolution optical data storage 1-gen-2007 L., Criante; Vita, Francesco; R., Castagna; Lucchetta, Daniele Eugenio; Simoni, Francesco; S., Frohmann; T., Feid; S., Orlic
Non-destructive testing of wood defected samples by ESPI 1-gen-2006 Achimova, E.; Abaskin, V.; Castellini, P.
Novel blue sensitive polymeric materials for optical data storage 1-gen-2008 R., Castagna; L., Criante; Vita, Francesco; Lucchetta, Daniele Eugenio; S., Frohmann; T., Feid; S., Orlic; Simoni, Francesco
Optical Nonlinearities of Liquid Crystals Controlled by Surfaces 1-gen-2001 Lucchetti, Liana; Lucchetta, Daniele Eugenio; Francescangeli, Oriano; Simoni, Francesco
Optical proprties of organic-based periodic structures 1-gen-2007 Lucchetta, Daniele Eugenio; Vita, Francesco; R., Castagna; Francescangeli, Oriano; Simoni, Francesco
Organic and hybrid tunable Bragg gratings for photonic devices 1-gen-2007 Abbate, G; Marino, A.; Tkachenko, V.; Vita, Francesco
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